Super Texture Bathrooms

Move over minimalism, even bathing spaces are embracing the more is more approach with a wealth of interesting textures and colours that heralds an exciting and inviting new aesthetic.

Maximalism is the word on everyone’s lips this autumn/winter. Where bathing spaces are conventionally clean-lined and sanitary, bathroom designers want in on this richly- textured trend, too. And who could blame them? Vibrant colour clashes and mismatching patterns make for a thrillingly rebellious direction in interior design. This Little Venice bathroom is the handiwork of Aurore Martial at Domus Venus. Wildly creative, the designer uses mixed materials in a glorious cacophony of colour and texture, from the marble fixtures and flooring, to the bright gold accents and the jungle-themed feature wall that demands that bath-time is an indulgent occasion. (

Sculpted to seamlessly embed itself within a bathroom of any design, Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s new Hydra Drop-in (below right) allows us to get really creative with texture. With its softened corners crafted from natural quartz stone, and its streamlined infinity edge, the bath can be encased in a wood or stone exterior of our choosing. Here, the bath has been embedded into a stepped sauna-like structure that celebrates the natural patina, and texture, of the pale wood, and awards the bathroom a luxurious home spa feel. Permission to go wild with shaping, then. The world of bathroom design is your oyster. £1,795 (



Lending the maximalism trend an industrial edge is this freestanding bath from Indigenous – a brand that knows a thing or two about sumptuous textures and interesting surfaces. The bateau-style bath tub comes in an eye-catching oxidized copper finish, awarding it a chemically induced, mottled patina that’s not unlike the tie-dye effect. In a move away from clean-lined uniformity, the statement tub creates a warm, textural focal point in the bathroom. And where pure white ceramics have reigned supreme, its beautiful verdigris colourway is a fresh take on a classic design. £2,650 (

With a background in artisanal tiling, from the vintage and reclaimed to the newly handmade, Bert & May are no strangers to exquisite textures (above left). The brand has just launched a collection of freestanding concrete basins, designed to complement their range of encaustic tiles and chalky, eco-friendly paints. Handcrafted from a mix of materials that comprises high-density concrete, finely crushed granite and Spanish-made natural pigments, each basin celebrates its unique texture with a raw, tactile finish and an earthy tone: choose from Brighton Stone, Mandarin, Old Iron, Limestone, Portland Stone, Crimson or Garnet. From £720 (


If sanitaryware must stay snowy white in the bathroom, we can go to town with pattern and texture on floors and walls. In fact, it makes
for a beguiling contrast. Otto’s Odi tiles  (above) create wrap-around texture in this stylish bathroom with an eye-popping optical illusion. The modern monochrome design gives the impression of extra depth despite its relatively smooth surface. But of course, being beautifully handcrafted encaustic tiles, these offer an arresting chalky texture of their own. Look closely and you can see their speckled finish and imperfectly shaped semi-circles, only adding to their artisanal charm. £6.72 each, minimum order of 5m2 or 125 tiles (