spring into order

If your home’s in need of a clutter crackdown, north west Londoner Debra Gold is your fairy godmother in Marigolds – and what better time of year than spring to get your abode ship-shape and sparkly? With a background in personal shopping and wardrobe planning, Debra knows exactly what needs to be stored, resold, recycled or sent packing to the charity shop. Having built up a devoted clientele – impressively, through word of mouth – she’s brought orderliness to unruly homes all over the Capital. Now, she waves her magic feather duster chez Fabric for a timely room-by-room springtime shake-up:  


Place a box at either side of your desk, one labelled ‘shred’ and one labelled ‘recycle’. At the end of each week, or whenever full, recycle or shred accordingly.


Now’s the time to get rid of all out-of-date food and any chipped plates or bowls. One by one, empty cupboards onto a clear work surface, dump the food and recycle the crockery. Clean each cupboard thoroughly before putting the contents back.


Give your cosmetics and toiletries a clear out. Every bottle should come with a PAO (period after opening) symbol, which denotes shelf life in months. It’s time to replace those lotions and potions that have been hanging around too long. Also, bag up mini samples to take to the gym.


Get rid of any clothes you don’t enjoy wearing, no longer fit, or are damaged. Bag them up and take them to the charity shop. Revisit your remaining favourites and hang all skirts, trousers, shirts and dresses in separate groups and watch your wardrobe come back to life!

(debra@declutterrefresh.com) Image: Novamobili Wave Unit, £1,830 (gomodern.co.uk