Smart, Soothing and More Sustainable


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The right tech could wrap your family in care and comfort this autumn – just ask a Control4 expert.

Founded 20 years ago, Control4 is one of the best-established names in home automation – but the reassurances don’t stop there. It also works with certified installers, known as Control4 Professionals, who can help to craft your experience around your priorities. And for many of us right now, sustainability and wellness are at the top of that list. To explore the possibilities, we spoke to Damien Smith, a Control4 Professional for over a decade, who says that “ease of use” sets their technology apart. Here’s how it could help support wellness and sustainability in your home.

“When we first meet architects and interior designers, they think they’ve seen it all. And then they see Control4 in action and they have this ‘Wow’ moment.” For example, you can achieve an exact temperature in your home simply by hitting ‘heat’ or ‘cool’, or tune your lightbulbs so that they’re all one soothing colour. There’s perhaps no greater example than  the Halo from Control4, a remote control designed to rule them all. No fuss, no clutter, just the touch of a button to  create the atmosphere or ‘scene’ (a pre-set mood or activity) that you desire.

Control4 remote control
The Halo from Control4 is the perfect handheld interface for the entire home


Quality sleep is both a luxury and a necessity, so it’s worth considering how a smart home could contribute to a better nightly regimen. “Imagine your lights dimming to 60 per cent as you climb upstairs, then slowly fading out over a number  of hours as you read and listen to your surround sound. Then, in the morning – or whenever you want to feel like it’s morning – you can do the whole thing in reverse, or your blinds can lift up very slowly… I know I feel better when I wake up like this.” For those who keep unusual hours, have young children, or simply want to relax, it’s a revelation.

Enjoy the most soothing of bedtimes by setting your lights to fade gradually as you read


Rising energy prices, a push towards net zero and a newly developed eco-awareness – all are good reasons to reconsider your energy use. Fortunately, there are a whole world of ways a Control4 home can support your own efforts to limit your carbon footprint. Aside from setting and zoning your thermostat and lighting with pinpoint accuracy, you can also set it to power down when there’s no movement in the house. “You can also harvest solar energy coming through the windows, and trap heat with window treatments and blinds,” says Damien. And then there’s the greatest change of all – the one that takes place in you. By tracking your usage, the whole family can feel proud of the role they’ve played.

Control4 is intended to blend with your interiors and integrate with your devices, so you barely know it’s there. And its greatest benefit is also intangible: peace of mind.

A professional installer will start by understanding your needs and then check in after the installation is complete, ensuring you feel confident to use it. “For me, it’s all about empowerment,” says Damien, adding that you can create triggers and routines to suit your family’s age, ability and neurodivergence. Sensors and cameras let you check how everybody’s doing, and if you head off on holiday, your lights and other devices can deter intruders by suggesting you’re  still there – energy efficiently, of course. A home that cares  for you even when you’re not in it? That’s very smart indeed.

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