Put the Sofa Blues Behind You…

Familiarity, so they say, breeds contempt. That may or may not be so – we’re familiar with, but not contemptuous of, the clink of the ice cubes in a gin & tonic, for example – but after this longest of years, which has seen us spend record-breaking amounts of time at home, when it comes to sofas, we (not to mention our tushes) would tend to agree. It’s not the sofas’ fault: they weren’t supposed to be fused to our bodies, essentially becoming extra limbs! Anyway. Blame aside, there is simply no doubt that there has never been a better time for a change of sofa scenery.

And not that we are ones to judge a book by its cover (or, rather, a sofa by its moniker) but who could NOT want to sink their bottoms onto the simply delectable-sounding The Cloud Sundae range, from Fabric favourites Snug? Thankfully, this gorgeous new range is more than just a pretty name. Snug says it is the most flexible and customisable sofa on the market, and it’s certainly their most premium offering to date, with deeper seats, no-edge seams and pillows backed with vegan-friendly “feather” cushion filling to ensure a ‘squishier’ feel (our derrieres are feeling better already…). To add to the comfort factor, it is upholstered in one of four lush velvets – Navy, Mid Grey, Forest Green and Soft Teal – which promise to be as hard-wearing as they are easy on the eye, being easy-care and stain resistant (a welcome relief for mucky pups everywhere).

Like all of their collections, you can mix and match various seat combinations to build a sofa that is perfect for your space, and The Cloud Sundae set (the only one to feature a storage option) has recently extended to include a corner piece making those modular possibilities (almost) endless and perfect for households of all shapes and sizes. What’s more, The Cloud Sundae is the first Snug range to feature a chaise – for your most glamorous lounging needs – which can be incorporated into an L-shaped or corner set-up, or used as a stand-alone piece all on its fabulous own – and ingeniously opens up to reveal commodious storage, which, let’s face it, is never NOT useful, is it?

Of course, all of the fancy pants bells and whistles in the world don’t count for much if the sofa itself isn’t…well, comfy. Luckily, Snug have set the comfort quota to “off the charts” and are so confident in their claims that they offer a 30 day trial period, to be sure that your bottom has found its match made in sofa heaven. And for the cherry on the sundae, if your space is more bijou than billionaire, don’t worry about The Cloud Sundae’s ability to get through the door; like all Snug sofas, it comes in boxes, in easy to assemble modular pieces, so she can shimmy into even the tightest of spaces. With delivery available in as little as three days, there can’t be many reasons not to snuggle up…all in all, it sounds like the very thing our tail feathers have been crying out for.

Prices from £1,599 for a 3 seater sofa bed (snugsofa.com)