Pets at Home

Great design isn’t just for humans. As valued family members, our furry friends deserve the best in form and function, too. We give you design-led furniture pieces for classy cats and discerning dogs.


For cats and small-to-medium dogs who appreciate good architecture, Weelywally’s Sydney pet house is one stylish des res. Fashioned from aluminium and pale beech plywood, the contemporary indoor kennel is designed to keep furry friends cosy and secure whilst maintaining a cool Scandinavian aesthetic for owners to admire. The Sydney house features ventilation holes for good air circulation when your pet is snoozing, comes with a plush cotton cushion pad, and boasts impressive eco-credentials: the house is made from either recycled or fully recyclable materials. £399 ( 

Queebo cat cave

The handiwork of Italian designer and architect, Stefano Giovannoni, Qeeboo’s Cat Cave (next page) is a triumph in design that will appeal to homemakers and their feline friends in equal measure. Featuring two overlapping stones, the piece is aesthetically pleasing in its curves, while, in sophisticated shades of Bordeaux or Dove Grey, it’s designed to complement our grown-up interior spaces. Inside, the bottom cave features a scratching mat floor and a soft ball suspended from the ceiling, perfect for batting, while the cushioned top with its porthole entrance doubles as a cosy bed and a lofty observation platform. £165 ( 

Smith and Goat

If you’ve just splashed out on a stylish contemporary kitchen complete with luxurious stone surfaces, you’ll want your pet’s feeding station to fit right in. Smith & Goat is a brand that specialises in the blending and casting of concrete to produce beautifully textured kitchen tops, sanitaryware and accessories – and they haven’t forgotten their cat and dog clients. Comprising a rectangular base and two round bowls, the hand-crafted concrete feeding set is a perfectly functional and design-led addition. Choose from a range of eye-catching marbled colourways, from the blush, charcoal and white, to the khaki and mint. £50 ( leads the way in irresistible pet furniture that mimics its human counterparts, with scaled-down sofas and chaises designed for pampered pooches. The Moby pet sofa in pink velvet and copper is a case in point with its mid-century inspired shaping and glamorous mix of materials. But the brand also offers pet-led pieces that are no less stylish, such as the Kyali cat shelves. In natural ash and with navy upholstered cushioning, the shelves (above, right) are designed to fit right in with our contemporary décor, adding sculptural interest to our walls. They’ll also become kitty’s favourite new place to perch. Moby sofa from £139, Kyali shelves £79 (  

Fabio the cat

With thoughtful design, some of the best pet furniture is made for human use, too. Fabio the Cat is a brand for design-loving moggy owners and it offers some inspired pieces. The Scandi-like Kikko table features a nifty hammock in a cosy quilted fabric, giving your cat her own space – whilst keeping her off your furniture. Any design doyenne, human or no, will have an eye on sustainability and the brand also offers stylish Earth-friendly pieces such as the Cocoon raised cat bed (top). Crafted from recycled cork, the chair recalls classic ’60s shaping and offers cats an elegant spot to both recline and scratch. Kikko table £399, Cocoon chair £259 (