Painted Kitchen Cupboards To Brighten Your Day

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Painted cupboards can seriously elevate the status of your kitchen, taking it from any average room with a fridge and oven to the domain of a master chef and host with the most, all with a lick of paint!

Painted panelling and painted architectural joinery became a trend in the Georgian era, providing a way of glamming up cheaper or more rustic joinery, and has been popular ever since. The en vogue cupboard paint colours may have changed throughout history, but our love of decorating our rooms in this easy yet stylish way has not. Here’s the story behind this design trend and its transformative powers.

Cupboard paint colours that are bang on trend

When the Georgians first adopted this style of decor they typically favoured ‘cake icing’ colours (think gorgeous duck egg blues, pale pinks and greens) which were easier to produce at the time. The Regency period followed with richer, more opulent cupboard paint colours which instantly caught the attention of high society, gradually catching amongst the fashion-forward in lower classes.

Today, any colour palette imaginable is available for those who wish to experiment (much to our delight!). Yet for those living in a period home, the style-conscious choice is still to play on what would have been the colour scheme of the time, keeping the design authentic while bringing in a touch of now. There are even companies that specialise in bringing historical joinery into modern living, such as Artichoke, a handmade kitchens specialist based in South West England. Their team had this advice for those planning to make their cupboards a statement piece:

“When renovating a home, we use colour not only to be authentic to the period but to add visual excitement and a colour pop. Choosing colours, we would be influenced by both the age of the house and the style of the kitchen. If you have any original pieces of joinery in your home, it’s always worth looking to see if there are old layers of paint that you can uncover, as these tell a story of what’s been before.

While revamping their existing cupboards is an economical choice for many, for those with grander visions of an entirely new kitchen or cupboard we favour using tulipwood from poplar trees – this wood is flat with little grain showing, making it ideal for painted furniture.”

Embellishing your cupboards: Smart & stylish

Of course, painted furniture and panelling is not only the mark of a stylish individual – it’s also highly practical, making it a win-win. Traditionally, painted furniture was especially common in the back of the house, where cheaper woods were often used. The paint not only made the wood look fancy but also sealed and protected it. Likewise, the use of timber panelling was a sign of status and wealth, as crafted wood was – and is still! – expensive, but it was also a wise choice for those who wanted to add insulation and protection against wear and tear.

The same sensible benefits are true today, and with stunning cupboard paint colours to suit every decor theme, adding a splash of colour to your kitchen cabinets can be a quick and easy, or ultra-chic and high-end way of transforming your space. Prepare to feel bang on trend.