On Design: Poppy Peace

Poppy Peace


Where beauty meets functionality, House of Red is an interior design studio with a difference. Founder and creative director Poppy Peace gives us the lowdown

Words by Ali Howard

Poppy Peace Poppy launched House of Red earlier this year, having spent 16 years working in the design industry

What drew you to interior design?
Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with textures, colour and form. I love being creative and had an interest in interior design from a young age when I used to occupy myself by repeatedly redesigning rooms in my family home! Sometimes to my mother’s surprise. After studying furniture and product design, my first job out of university was as a design consultant at a bespoke furniture company in Knightsbridge. I then transitioned to a design studio to delve deeper into the world of interior design. I found interiors allowed me to be creative whilst remaining on an ever-evolving journey, combining numerous business elements, which give my profession greater depth. At the start of this year, I took the step to launch House of Red and enjoy full autonomy of my own business.

Poppy Peace Upholstery in a beautiful Lelièvre Paris fabric creates a strong focal point in this corner

How would you sum up your design ethos?
Creating interiors that evoke sentiment. We look to create unique and original ideas for our client’s home and property that echo who they are whilst providing practical design solutions. What can residential clients expect from House of Red? We don’t have a house style, just a house rule – to ensure that a home reflects those who inhabit it.

All our projects are based around our client’s brief, and we work closely with them to build this, therefore our projects vary in terms of aesthetic and functional requirements. The result will always be a design that our clients really connect with, creating the perfect environment to unwind, work, entertain and create memories in.

How do you work with clients to achieve their dream home?
Creating a strong and aligned brief is key to a successful project, and in turn, designing a home or space that the client feels at one with. To do this, we like to get personal with our clients. We will arrange a meeting to really get to know who they are, what they do, how they use their current space and to understand what success looks like from their perspective. We’ll then build on this through our knowledge of layouts, functional spaces, colours and materials. Understanding personalities, and even style traits in a client’s fashion can be useful elements to integrate into the design, so the scheme feels like an extension of their own skin.

Poppy Peace

Can you tell me about the role of sustainability at House of Red?
Sustainability is an area that, as a designer, I have a responsibility to champion, from re-purposing existing furniture and ensuring energy efficiency, through to making our clients aware of recycled or renewable natural materials. It’s good to see an increase in supply chain producing sustainable pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, as being honest, this can be an issue. As a company we’re on a journey to learn further in this field to help influence with the right products and materials, and to design for longevity.

Can you describe some of your favourite London projects?
We recently completed on a project near Tower Bridge that had the most incredible uninterrupted views of The Shard, St Paul’s, and across Tower Bridge. We used some beautiful fabrics and wallpapers for a luxurious and tactile feel. We picked up on many elements of the view to reflect in the design; from tiled wallpaper playing on window structures of the surrounding buildings, to metallic rippled materials which mirrored the water of the Thames below… A show home we completed this year was also a special project, where emphasis was placed on the craftsmanship of the accessories used to style the space. We used UK-based ceramic artists, and various bronze sculptures, created through the careful process of wax casting. I love unique pieces with a story to them, and being able to include them in areas that will be widely viewed and admired is very fulfilling.

Poppy Peace

What’s next for the practice?
We’re always looking to collaborate with new clients and supply chain – after all, meeting new people is what we enjoy most about our work. We have a couple of projects in the pipeline we’re looking forward to getting started on and delivering in 2024.