On Design: Polly Bielecka

Designer Profile: Polly Bielecka Sculpture Source

On Design:
Polly Bielecka

Tipped to become the Net-A-Porter of the art world, Sculpture Source is redefining the way we engage with, and buy, sculptural pieces for the home. We catch up with the site’s founder

Words by Ali Howard

On Design Polly Bielecka Created for sculpture lovers and curated by sculpture experts, Sculpture Source is a unique online platform

Tell me about Sculpture Source and how it came about
Sculpture Source is the first online platform dedicated to collecting sculpture. The idea first came about in lockdown when we realised that if we provided top quality sculpture with top quality images, clients would feel confident enough to purchase sculpture without having to see it in the gallery. So we went about building a specially designed platform to help clients find the work they are looking for from a wide variety of sculptors.

Tell me about your background
I’ve spent the past 15 years running a sculpture gallery in King’s Cross called Pangolin London. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best sculptors working today alongside one of the best sculpture foundries in Europe, Pangolin Editions.

How do you source, and choose, the pieces for the site?
I feel it is important to have variety on the site with works to suit every taste and budget. For example, I try to make sure we have enough animal and figurative works as well as abstract, and that we have a range of works to suit any interior or garden environment. Fortunately, we have a huge network of sculptors to work with and our two main criteria are quality of craftsmanship, and would we have it in our own home?

On Design Polly Bielecka Sculpture Source The site stocks a range of works to suit every taste and budget, that will work in any interior or garden environment

How have consumers’ attitudes changed towards buying art online?

Collectors have come a long way in the past five years in how comfortable they feel purchasing art online, however they still feel more confident buying two-dimensional works like paintings and prints, hence our desire to bring to the market a top quality sculpture offering.

How have you designed the site to be accessible for buyers?
Buying sculpture can be a daunting prospect to new collectors, given its three-dimensional presence, varied making processes, and price points. Sculpture Source aims to break that all down and make it much easier for a collector to look at work. We’ve designed the site so that you can search through general terms such as size, price, material, etc. but also more sculpture specific criteria such as space, colour, texture, subject, and whether it’s for indoors or outdoors.

What advice would you give to a novice collector?
Buy what you love and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It sounds basic but there is so much to learn and enjoy about collecting sculpture.

On Design Polly Bielecka Sculpture Source

What’s next for Sculpture Source?
We are currently working on bringing an exciting collection of new works to the site by a range of emerging and established sculptors. We are also hoping to announce a new partnership for our ‘white glove’ delivery option.