On Design: Natasha Meechan


On Design: Natasha Meechan

The talented Natasha Meechan introduces her eponymous interior design practice

Words by Ali Howard

Natasha’s eponymous interior design practice focuses on bespoke residential spaces. She brings a unique touch to each project by carefully choosing materials, colours, lighting, art, furniture, fabrics, and accessories, all with a keen commitment to sustainability

On Design Natasha Meechan Natasha strives to bring originality to each project through the careful selection of materials, colours, lighting, art, furniture, fabrics and accessories

What drew you to interior design, and what were you doing beforehand?
My path into interior design began in Dublin, where I developed a passion for art and design from a young age. The city’s beautiful architecture, particularly its Georgian buildings, inspired me, and trips to art exhibitions and landmarks further fuelled my creativity. I discovered a degree course in interior design, which I pursued whilst working in investment banking. Balancing both was demanding, so transitioning to full-time study proved to be a fantastic decision. After graduation, I immersed myself in the industry, working with renowned architectural firms in the Cotswolds, contributing to prestigious projects ranging from manor homes to Georgian properties and castles. Later, I relocated to London, where I joined a small interior design practice and assumed the role of lead designer. Overseas projects further refined my skills, particularly designing bespoke furniture and joinery. These experiences, skills, and understanding of clients were instrumental in paving the way for establishing my own business.

On Design Natasha Meechan

How would you sum up your design ethos?
My design philosophy focuses on crafting spaces that seamlessly blend beauty and elegance whilst embracing sustainable design practices and emphasising functionality. Ensuring longevity in the design of these lifetime homes, and maintaining a down-to-earth vibe are key priorities in every project.

What can residential clients expect from a Natasha Meechan project?
A truly bespoke experience where no two projects are alike, with a keen focus on understanding each client’s unique needs, desires, and visions. I strive to design interiors that not only reflect their individuality but also elevate their lifestyles. From cosy family gatherings to vibrant social events, each space in our design is meticulously crafted to accommodate a diverse range of activities. Ultimately, my goal is to create environments where clients find joy and contentment, surrounded by interiors that not only meet their practical needs but also inspire and delight at every turn.

How do you work with clients to achieve their dream home?
We create mood boards, colour schemes, bespoke furniture designs, joinery packages, detailed kitchen and bathroom drawings, and we carefully select lighting, art, and accessories. And we hold regular meetings to keep the client informed at each stage. A significant advantage of working with us is that we can project manage site installation and oversee the contractors and subcontractors, should the client require this service. We assist clients and their contractors with any queries, and provide necessary construction drawings and, if requested, photo-realistic visuals, which can be extremely effective in helping clients visualise the design scheme. These processes collectively contribute to creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also perfectly functional for the client’s unique lifestyle.

On Design Natasha Meechan

Can you tell me about the role of sustainability?
The company continues to prioritise sustainability in its design ethos. For example, in a recent project, the client wanted to repurpose their kitchen. We transformed the space by spray-painting the joinery with low VOC paint, utilising eco-friendly construction methods. We only replaced the handles and worktops. The result was remarkable: a kitchen that looked almost brand new, and with significant cost savings for the client. We’ve also expanded our sustainable efforts to include repurposing occasional client case goods through techniques such as re-sanding and re-staining veneers, as well as replacing handles and hinges. There are also many properties with engineered flooring featuring real wood veneer or solid wood flooring that can be revitalised. For instance, the removal of coatings by sanding, followed by water popping, brushing the grain, staining, and sealing, can truly transform a space and prevent old flooring from ending up in landfill. Additionally, we prioritise sourcing materials locally whenever possible. Most of our bespoke upholstery and soft furnishings are now crafted in the UK.

Can you describe your favourite London project so far?
One of my most beloved is the charming mews home in Marylebone that we completed a few years ago. We embarked on a comprehensive refurbishment, spanning three levels, completely transforming the space from a grey, dark, and damp environment into a place that perfectly matched my client’s vision and needs by introducing more natural light and warmer tones.

What made this project truly special was the journey we embarked on, especially given the challenges posed by the pandemic. With the client overseas and restrictions in place, much of our communication was done via Zoom. Despite the distance, we managed to collaborate effectively, approving mood boards, fabric schemes, and technical drawings, ensuring every aspect of the project aligned with our vision.

What’s next for the practice?
It’s an exciting year ahead for us. We’re in the planning stages of integrating an online boutique shop with our interior design business. We’ve noticed an increased demand from clients for bespoke soft furnishings and throws, and we believe there’s a gap in the market, especially for high-end quality bed linen. We’re constantly on the lookout for unique textures and designs that complement our interior design schemes. We also plan to expand the boutique to include bespoke furniture, upholstery items, and case goods. As for our current projects, we’re working on some stunning properties in London and Surrey with lovely clients, which is a real joy.