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Words by Ali Howard

Everett and Blue


If you’ve ever found yourself stopping to swoon at the pretty tiled façades of a Portuguese city, you’ll love Everett and Blue. The brand specialises in crafting ceramic azulejo tiles inspired by the patterns found adorning historic dwellings in Lisbon and Porto. Fusing honest materials and time-honoured artisanal techniques, authenticity is the name of the game. New collections include Azul, Verde, Cinza, Cores and Trincha.
From £8.40 per tile (

Shame Studios


Luxury carpet makers with a conscience Shame Studio have teamed up with interior designer Cindy Leveson to bring us Watercolours, a collection of handwoven rugs inspired by the freedom and expressiveness of the painting technique. In applying technical digital developments to the structure of antique carpets, the rugs are contemporary yet traditional, formal yet abstract – and they’re all highly covetable.
From £700 per sq m (

Chimney Sweep


As winter bites this month, it’s worth thinking about those nooks and crannies where precious heat can escape, a period fi replace being one of the worst offenders. Enter Chimney Sheep, a brand that specialises in stylish draught proofing. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, including made-to-measure options, the nifty draught excluder is crafted with a thick layer of felted Herdwick wool, and lays claim to blocking 93 per cent of airflow.
From £18 (





Most Wanted Interiors 2024

1. Roma table lamp, £280 (
2. Olivia table lamp, terracotta and natural linen, £109 (
3. Discus ceramic table lamp, orange with shade, £117.60 (
4. Harleen table lamp, £787 (
5. Edition 1.2 spun wood table lamp base, £350 (