Interior Trends: New Designers Selects

New Designer Select Fiona McTaggart

Bright Beginnings

Introducing visionary design talent from the best of the New Designers Selects showcase

Words by Ali Howard

This month, New Designers celebrates 39 years as the prime showcase for emerging design talent, offering a platform to present their visionary ideas. ND Selects is a curated space that revisits those with a foot in the industry. We give you our ones to watch

Moana Sofia Sidot MOANA SOFIA SIDOTI 3D-printed ceramics


Moana Sofi a Sidoti’s pioneering project, Digitalised Pastry, ingeniously bridges the worlds of culinary arts and ceramics, translating the age-old techniques of pastry making – weighing, mixing, colouring, and kneading – into the realm of porcelain design. By developing specialised tools equipped with multi-chamber systems and nozzles for a ceramic printer, Moana has opened up a new frontier in 3D-printed ceramics. The resulting objects are not only a testament to technological advancement but also a celebration of aesthetic and functional fusion.



Nestled in the heart of rural Suffolk, Selfish Customs is a design studio that thrives on the spirit of curiosity and the power of collaboration. Drawing on the team’s rich technical backgrounds in fine art fabrication, film, and design, the studio engages deeply with local artisans and industries. These collaborations have sparked an innovative exploration into the often-overlooked by-products of farming and related trades, culminating in a captivating collection of bespoke furniture pieces and homeware. Each piece not only highlights the unique properties of these natural materials but also presents them in playful, tactile forms, offering a fresh perspective on rural remnants.

Iara Talledo Violani


Ceramic artist Iara Talledo Violani’s current focus is colourful sculptures and special effect glazes. And she crafts her pieces with an innovative and intuitive approach that defi es traditional techniques. Working from the potter’s wheel, she eschews the usual delicacy afforded to soft, newly thrown pieces. Instead, she boldly collides them to form vivid, textured collages. This process, paired with the application of distinct and unexpected glazes, ensures that each outcome is a surprise – neither the collapse of the clay into itself, nor the final appearance of the glazes can be anticipated. This method has allowed Iara to foster a more instinctive creative flow.

Sam Daly Handmade


Sam Daly’s latest textile collection draws inspiration from an interrailing journey across Europe. Captivated by the architectural intricacies of railway stations – from the intertwining rails to the hanging cables and vivid signage – Sam has ingeniously translated these elements into bold, graphic designs. The collection showcases linear travel patterns through a fusion of distorted weft, smocking knit, and passementerie techniques. Colour is central, infusing vitality into robust fabrics suited for diverse applications like bags, home products, and furnishings. Committed to sustainability, Sam utilises dead stock yarns and innovative methods to reimagine waste materials, emphasising durability and circularity in design.

Belinda King Glass


Belinda King crafts both blown and kiln-formed glass homeware alongside one-of-a-kind sculptural artworks. She creates water jugs and tumblers, infusing each piece with a distinctive pattern that ensures no two products are alike, celebrating the inherent unpredictability of glass. As an autistic designer, Belinda finds a special harmony in her work. The fl uid, ever-changing nature of glass allows her to embrace imperfection creatively, providing a therapeutic respite from her need for structured routine. This approach not only soothes her mind but also fuels her passion for creating unique, joy-filled pieces.

Swyn Anwyl


Furniture designer Swyn Anwyl hails from the scenic landscapes of rural North Wales and is carving a niche with her forward-thinking yet traditionally rooted designs. Recently graduating with distinction from Central Saint Martins’ prestigious MA Design [Furniture] course, Anwyl has launched her captivating Eryri collection. Drawing inspiration from her Welsh heritage, the rugged beauty of Snowdonia, and traditional Welsh furniture, the collection reimagines these elements for contemporary interiors. Imbued with a strong sense of sustainability and community, Swyn’s work is a celebration of Welsh identity crafted for modern living, with a strong commitment to regenerative design.

Fiona McTaggart


Surface pattern designer Fiona McTaggart’s work bursts with vibrant energy and a rich, maximalist fl air. Drawing inspiration from her family experiences, as well as wellbeing and nutrition, each design weaves a unique narrative, reflecting the myriad natural forms Fiona has either encountered, foraged, or observed. Her creative process begins with hand-constructed collages crafted from hand-painted paper, which are then digitally montaged into seamless patterns. Perfect for wallpapers and fabrics, these designs lend themselves beautifully to a wide array of homeware products and soft furnishings. Suited for both domestic and public spaces, Fiona’s work brings a delightful connection with the natural world to any setting.