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Mother Earth’s Materials

From sculptural wood, to solid stone and seriously soft organic cotton, take your cues from nature

Words by Ali Howard

From luxe stone furniture pieces to pure linen sheets, this month, we celebrate the opulent and organic

Mother Earth Materials Collection Noir Collection Noir Roma dining table in Corchia, £9,995


When you mix nature’s rugged beauty with functional design, you get a stand-out statement piece. Crafted from highly durable materials such as granite, slate, or marble, stone furniture offers high-end sculptural appeal – and brings timeless sophistication to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Expect some seriously weighty and visually impressive tables, chairs and benches hewn from solid stone. Collection Noir is a luxury stone furniture and lifestyle brand with a focus on rare stones, quality craftsmanship, and classic design. Samantha Wilson, interior designer and founder says: “Marble is ultimately nature’s art, and our collection is a collaboration between contemporary/ minimalist design and nature herself. I see every piece in the collection as not just a piece of furniture, but an investment in an art form. The collection has four signature stones; Calacatta Monet, Calacatta Viola, Arabescato Corchia and Travertine, all of which share one thing in common, their distinct characteristics and timeless aesthetic. These stones were carefully considered for their distinct patterns, colours and textures.”

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Mother Earth Materials Porcelain Superstore Porcelain Superstore advise pairing a sleek, dark stone kitchen with rustic-style stone floor tiles in a warmer tone for a contemporary look


While some stone pieces can leave you cold, a shrewd interior design trick is to blend warm and cool tones together to give you a visually striking and harmonious colour palette. In the natural world, warm-toned marble in honeycomb or beige contrasts beautifully with cool grey stone, and it’s this interplay of contrasting colour that adds dynamic interest and a luxurious visual texture at home. The contemporary stone kitchen on the opposite page is a masterclass in mixing nature inspired warm and cool shades. “After years of stark concrete-style tiles dominating (thanks, Millennial Grey!), beige and stone effect designs are coming back in,” says Abbas Youssefi, managing director at Porcelain Superstore. “For floors, warm rustic-style tiles are back, however this time round, the tiles are being paired with sleek kitchen cabinets for a modern-rustic look, rather than the traditional pine kitchens of old. You can opt for modern stone designs for a more contemporary feel. Look for rich, natural colours and soft textures that feel warm and personal, rather than cool and stark.”

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Mother Earth Materials Lights&Lamps Lights&Lamps Editions marble lamp with aged brass shade, £460


One brand taking its design cue from Mother Nature is London-based Lights&Lamps, whose new collection comprises interchangeable lampshades and bases, crafted from 12 novel materials. Expect sculptural pieces in charred wood, aged brass, chalky concrete and expertly turned wood. “The overall shape from the Editions collection displays the beauty and traditional craft of turned wood,” say co-founders Niki Wright and Scarlett Hampton. “The sharper edges on the geometric shapes of the body, foot, and neck are skilfully contrasted by classical turned dividers… Showcasing the elemental beauty of charred wood, the Aska lamp seamlessly blends organic textures with sleek designs. Thanks to a sculptural base, the eye falls straight onto the foundations of this design, making it impossible not to appreciate its beauty. And our use of aged brass and bronze is no coincidence. The tones and depth of both finishes mean they pair comfortably with almost any other texture and colour. They not only contrast but also complement softer fabrics and matte finishes, and sit comfortably against natural woods and coloured marbles.”

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Mother Earth Materials Collection Noir Naturally veined marble slabs and tiles give your bathroom the feel of a luxury spa, say the team at Lapicida


Marble finds its natural home in bathrooms, thanks to its luxurious, luminous quality, its opulent, organic patterning, and its smooth, nonporous surface. It is also naturally light reflecting, giving us bright and inviting spaces. The look is timeless, and a marble bathroom will never not be stylish. “Today, marble is right on trend again, with designers using beautifully veined tiles and slabs to create contemporary spas and wet rooms reminiscent of boutique hotels,” says Jason Cherrington, director of luxury floor and wall surface specialists Lapicida. “New generation sealants and underfloor heating have helped to make this a more practical choice. However, advances in technology have made porcelain a fantastic alternative to natural marble, especially where budget, weight and fixing is an issue. Today’s surfaces are technically brilliant, combining the authentic look and feel of natural marble with the durability, easy installation and affordability of porcelain tiles. We have definitely seen an increase in the use of large slabs of marble or panels of marble-effect porcelain in recent years, particularly in wetrooms or shower areas.”

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Mother Earth Materials Bed Threads Bed Threads Build your Own Bedding Bundle, from £320


Organic materials are enjoying a renaissance in soft furnishings, too, with savvy homemakers increasingly looking to natural fibres for their wellbeing benefits. Pure linen is naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. Made from the long fibres of the flax plant, a highly renewable source, it also proves satisfyingly sustainable. With a huge range of nature-inspired colour options, Bed Threads’ linen allows you to mix, match, and perfectly blend Mother Nature’s hues. “Incorporating earthy colours into the bedroom helps to create an inviting and tranquil sleep space,” says founder, Genevieve Rosen-Biller. “Darker shades such as cacao and rust foster feelings of warmth and cosiness, while lighter shades like oatmeal and hazelnut are a great way to keep things fresh and bright. We love pairing colours from a similar palette, like hazelnut and terracotta, or cacao and oatmeal, for a sophisticated, tonal look. Alternatively, combining contrasting shades like olive, oatmeal and hazelnut makes more of a bold statement but still evokes an earthy vibe.”

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