Make an Entrance with your front door

They say you should never judge a book by its cover but when it comes to property, a beautifully inviting exterior is a sure indication there’s a stylish abode inside. Up your front door game and your house could soon become the star of the street.

Front Door

Choosing a colour for your front door is quite the commitment. Jet black is austere but stately and will immediately add an air of sophistication to your home – just look to the iconic 10 Downing Street for imposing grandeur. Lipstick red is another classic with a striking presence that screams “London” and works across any architectural property style. But if you prefer a subtler approach, luxury paint brands such as Little Greene offer a range of exterior tonal shades inspired by nature. In Celestial Blue, the inviting front door in our opening image works beautifully against the earthy brickwork. And it recalls the clearest blue skies, whatever the weather. From £32 for 1 litre (

For a truly unique entrance to your home, consider a reclaimed front door and the world is your oyster on the design front. A salvaged door can offer otherworldly charm, especially if it has come straight from the dusty roads of Marrakech, or the entrance of an ornate Indian village temple. Look for hardwoods like oak and mahogany, which age well and make a stylish statement with their vintage appeal. And be sure to measure up with precision. While the Capital’s antique emporia can be a joy to delve into, you can find your perfect reclaimed door online, too. We love this rustic pair of teak doors from English Salvage. (

If your home boasts one of London’s enviable addresses, say it loud and proud with a door number that really stands out. Unless they’re particularly decorative in design, most fanlights offer a plain rectangular pane that makes the perfect canvas for those all-important digits. Window film specialists, Purlfrost have a comprehensive range of bespoke door number options, from the Art Deco-inspired to the clean-lined and contemporary. Finishing a period front door with striking contemporary graphics can make a heady contrast – as in this arresting entrance in a stylish shock of pink. From £45 per sq m (

Front Door

While mixing and matching styles can make for an attractive contrast, some of the smartest London homes feature reproduction front doors that have been thoughtfully designed to complement the building’s period architecture. Whether you’re going for an elaborate entrance to your Edwardian townhouse, complete with stained glass panelling, or a smart utilitarian door with a single glass pane for your ’30s semi, make sure your choice is a sympathetic one. Bringing frontages to life with bespoke, hand-crafted front doors, The London Door Company specialises in finding the perfect fit for your property – from the sleek and ultramodern to the ornate and distinctly Victorian. (

High-end door furniture is well worth the investment if you want to make a good first impression. Like shiny house jewels, a smart letter plate, bell push or knocker can make all the difference to your front door’s appearance. These characterful finishing touches, whether in aged brass, distressed gold or polished nickel, bring personality to your exterior and can offer a warm and welcoming accent to an otherwise sombre front door. Beardmore is a long-established London-based brand that knows architectural ironmongery inside and out. Their huge range of luxury door furniture will have your property’s entrance positively gleaming. (