It's about time

Just in case you need a timely little reminder, the clocks go back this weekend, heralding the official end of BST, or as the late, great Dusty Springfield once sang:

The night runs away with the day
The grass that was green is now hay
The world goes around without even a sound
And it looks like the summer is over

But as depressing as it is, our focus has already shifted towards some seriously stylish home-time hibernation this autumn and winter, and what better excuse is there to shop for a pretty new timepiece for our pad? If you need your memory jogged about the impending hour-change, have gander at our pick of some of the very best designer clocks and you’ll find it difficult to forget: they are very striking.

We’ve sung their praises before and with good reason: has been hailed as the Net-A-Porter of interiors. It’s a joyous (albeit expensive) shopping habit we’ve picked up and of course, we weren’t surprised to find a very handsome clock amidst the fabulous furniture. The WEWOOD Veios clock is a thing of natural beauty. (Top left)

We all know that when it comes to smart design, our Scandinavian friends are often found topping the league. This ticking monochrome marvel from Design House Stockholm is as sassy as they come. (Top right)

The mathematically-minded will appreciate the Spirograph-inspired curves of this very colourful number. Who’d have thought that the incessant passing of time could be so cheerful?! (Bottom left)

And Stephen Faulkner’s chunky desk clocks are fashioned from a single block of oak and are just as contemporary-cool as they are totally tactile. (Bottom right)