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We explore the newest smart home innovations that enhance our homes in form and function

Words by Ali Howard

The best home tech is the stuff that’s hidden. We explore the latest innovations that enhance our homes in form and function

Future Luxe Eco Smart Fire T-Lite 8 bioethanol fire Clean-burning and eco-friendly, the Fire T-Lite 8 bioethanol fire by EcoSmart can be used anywhere

The concept of luxury living has evolved.

These days, seamless connectivity and boundless innovation are top of the list for some property buyers looking to benefit from the latest in home tech, without compromising on style. And it’s exactly this harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance that’s giving  rise to an era of luxury smart homes.

The ultimate is a residence where every aspect  of daily life is seamlessly integrated and effortlessly controlled at the touch of a button. But forget clunky gadgets and cumbersome interfaces – thanks to a new wave of visionary architects and designers we no longer have to sacrifice our aesthetic wants. From lighting and heating  through to entertainment and security, these homes offer unparalleled convenience, comfort, and sophistication.

Future Luxe Interiors living room by Boca do Lobo Elegance and innovation go hand-in-hand in this luxe living room by Boca do Lobo (

Moreas Madani, founder of leading property consultancy Tyburn pinpoints market leading tech as one of the key reasons buyers are turning to prime new build homes across central London. “Luxury new build developments are driving the market because of some of the unique characteristics they offer compared to traditional period homes,” he says.

“The level of home technology present is one of the first questions we receive when showing clients around a prospective home. For luxury home buyers, though, the technology they desire transcends voice-enabled devices and iPad-controlled home management systems. The evolution of smart home tech has evolved from convenience-focused applications, to experience and integration, with a will to see interactive components across the entire building, from  secure access and controlling appliances remotely, to dedicated apps or systems that allow owners  to book and engage with amenities.”

future luxe nano leaf The Nanoleaf Elements smart LED lights double as a piece of art

Geofencing is a new buzz word in home tech. Essentially, this creates a virtual boundary, so when you’re out of a room or out of the house, your phone will notice and automatically turn off your lighting, heating, or entertainment behind you. When you’re on your way home, it can automatically switch them on again at a point of your choosing.

Stefan Pitman, surveyor and founder of SPASE Architects tells us that: “In the past, you’d have just put in a programmable thermostat, or you might have left the light on a timer switch. Now, you might want your heating to come on one hour before you reach the house, so you set your GPS position to activate it when you’re an hour away. On the other hand, you might not want your lighting to come  on until you’re just coming around the drive, in which case you can set it to do that as well. Hot water and so on can all be done when you’re a certain proximity away, too.”

Future Luxe Novy Phantom Frame The awardwinning Novy Phantom Frame island hood

When it comes to future living, energy efficiency is a hot topic. Seamlessly blending technology and sustainability, intelligent systems give us optimal energy usage. From sleek smart thermostats to eco-conscious LED lighting, every detail is meticulously curated for a greener, more efficient lifestyle.

Laurence Holder, head of Octagon Bespoke tells us luxury home buyers are increasingly savvy when it comes to saving on energy bills – and saving the planet. “While whole house ventilation, heat recovery systems and PV panels have come a long way in terms of efficiently generating energy in recent years, finding ways of harnessing this energy is swiftly catching up,” he says. “Tesla Powerwalls are now a frequent installation for Octagon Bespoke clients. This battery storage installation can power the home when charged – effectively ‘saving’ the energy generated by the aforementioned methods into a battery, for use later that day, evening or week. When charged, the battery will be fed through a priority cord to ensure this power is used before any electric grid power – charging everything from phones to cars, all through this system. The technology required for such systems is of extremely high quality, and when looking to have a future-proof and efficient home, it makes sense for prime properties to feature these state-of-the-art installations.

“In the ever-changing world of high-end technology, I’m excited to find out what the next few years will bring for our clients.”;;

Future Luxe Thomas Sanderson blinds and Bang and Olufsen Top: Thomas Sanderson’s heat loss reducing Duette blinds. Bottom: Bang & Olufsen’s elegant Beolab 8 smart speakers


Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 8 is the latest smart speaker to join the brand’s Beolab series. Small, elegant and statuesque, it can be used as a powerful single point of sound, or as a stereo pair for a fully immersive soundscape. The speaker comes in an array of customisable colourways including silver, natural aluminium, gold tone, and black anthracite.
From £2,699 (

The Novy Phantom Frame is a smart kitchen island hood come sculptural light source offering dual functionality, and a whole lot of bang for your buck. Its innovative box-in-box design surrounded by translucent glass, together with its PURE 3.0 recirculation technology, has won it an international Red Dot award for product design.
£4,039 (

The Fire T-Lite 8 bioethanol fire by EcoSmart boasts a portable tealight style design, allowing you to create the perfect ambience in living room and patio spaces alike. Without the need for a chimney or flue, and with no restrictive cables or gas connections, the contemporary fire pit is as versatile as it is clean-burning and eco-friendly.
£2,235 (

Featuring an innovative honeycomb structure, Thomas Sanderson’s Duette blinds reduce heat loss by up to 55 per cent. Available as smart electric blinds, they can be opened and closed via remote control, app, or even voice control, with timers for added security. In sheer, linen effect and silk effect fabrics, they prove stylish window treatments, too.
From £99 (

Where wall art meets lighting, Nanoleaf Elements is a smart home product that allows you to get creative. The modular system features interconnecting hexagonal panels in wood grain veneer that are illuminated for an ambient glow. These can also be synced with the brand’s 4D technology, essentially taking your entertainment beyond the screen.
Starter kit from £199.99 (