Interiors: Clutter-Free Kitchens

Whether you want to add interest with open shelving or conceal your crockery with clean, contemporary lines, it’s time to get organised in the kitchen.

Go for glass

There’s practical kitchen storage, and then there’s decorative display cabinetry. A chic, half-way house between concealed and open shelving is incorporating glazing into our kitchen design. This has the effect of breaking up the boxiness and brightening the overall look, especially when it sits in front of a collection of light-reflecting glasses. “For a kitchen to work properly, it’s not enough that it should just look beautiful, it must function beautifully as well,” says Charlie Smallbone, founder of Ledbury Studio. “Glass-fronted cabinets can be used to make a focal point with your best glassware, but everything inside will stay clean and ready to use.” We love the way the glass doors contrast with the black-stained oak cabinet in this stylish kitchen.

Crafty cabinetry

There’s no such thing as too much cupboard space. But to make the most of every inch, some seriously shrewd design ideas are in order. Tom Howley from the eponymous bespoke kitchen company says: “When designing your dream storage, work out what’s important to you. If you’re a keen cook, plan storage around key elements such as the cooker, sink and fridge. If you love entertaining, think about displaying your glassware in a glazed dresser, or incorporate storage for tableware and seasonal items that may only come out a few times a year.” The brand’s Devine collection can be customised to incorporate nifty storage solutions including a bespoke wall cabinet with internal racking and shelves – ideal for cooks who like to have a variety of spices to hand.

In the open

The open shelving trend sees no sign of waning and that’s largely thanks to our love of design-led kitchen wares and beautiful product packaging – we want to show them off. But if the thought of open storage conjures images of chaotic country kitchens, think again. Swedish brand String Furniture has led the way in open kitchen design since the 1950s and the String system is nothing if not sleek. Director Peter Erlandsson says: “Great design should be equal parts usable and beautiful, and String shelving is just that. We have wine glass storage rails, kitchen hooks and stationery pots. These explorations into colour and additional accessories come from our love of design, and a passion to create useful, beautiful items.”

Treasure Island

A kitchen island is a luxury only afforded by those of us with ample square footage – it demands a lot of space and ideally, should earn its place as a multi-functional addition. William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens advises: “Always think about how you want to be using the island on a day-to-day basis. Think about the worktop, the storage, and whether you want to use it as your main workspace. If you have a smaller run of cabinetry you may want to move the hob onto the island to allow for more surface area.” That’s exactly what Herringbone’s design team did with this open-plan kitchen space. The island not only incorporates an oven and hob, but also features wine storage, bespoke cabinetry, and a cut-away for casual dining.

Pantry Perfection

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated pantry space, whether that’s a tight walk-in cupboard or an elaborate mini-kitchen, it’s all about clever organisation. “We love the re-emergence of the pantry,” says Keith Myers, director of luxury kitchen brand, The Myers Touch, “that tucked away place to arrange and carefully store food, from flour and potatoes to hams and jams… Visibility of goods, and easy access are crucial, as is flexibility, allowing for those 3-for-2 offers! Even better if you can include a fair-sized worktop for storing plated buffet food when entertaining.” While the concept of a practical larder might go back centuries, this concealed pantry, complete with open storage, is a contemporary design triumph.

Free space

For Paul Jenkins, founder of British kitchen brand LochAnna, the pandemic has turned homemakers into savvy space-savers – and this doesn’t just apply to the home office. “Over the last year, we found new ways to store our clutter away at home,” he says. “The trend for innovative and beautiful storage solutions will continue to dominate kitchen spaces throughout 2022. From bespoke lifestyle larders to pull-out storage, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for integrated storage that makes the most out of the space that you have.” With clever planning, the designers of this LochAnna kitchen were able to eke out a commodious and well-organised larder from an otherwise wasted corner space.