Home Office: My Space

As we adapt to homeworking, suddenly the spotlight’s on the study. Whether you have a dedicated home office, or you’ve claimed a corner of your lounge, choose feel-good furnishings that are both functional and homely.

With clever wall storage and well-chosen furniture pieces, this clutter-free home office by interior designer Sandra Benhamou is the height of modern elegance.  Handmade Syllepse rug, from £1,150 per metre for 70cm wide panels (manufacturecogolin.com)

House plants create instant calm in the smallest work spaces. Go green and you’ll clear some head space, too. Musa Dwarf Cavendish, from £40 (patchplants.com)

You won’t find plush textures like this in a conventional office. Permission to indulge in a little luxe. Bloomingville Hannah yellow velvet table lamp, £102 (beaumonde.co.uk)

Invest in a luxurious desk chair that successfully merges the aesthetic between home and office. LUXUU Charla office chair, £5,265 (luxdeco.com)

A smart writer’s desk in warming walnut is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. East Street desk, £439 (furniturevillage.co.uk)

From the experts: Neatsmith

The first question we always ask is ‘Who is going to be using the study and where do they want to sit?’ From there, we create the workspace around them and their needs. It helps to consider which part of the room makes the most of natural light and whether you want to be facing the door (helpful if you meet with clients at home) or away from it, which can increase concentration and focus. If you prefer to stand, an electrically operated height-adjustable desk is a great choice.

We then turn our attention to storage and functionality. We take the time to understand practicalities such as the printers, files and office supplies that are frequently used and need to be kept close at hand – and those that can be neatly stored away to avoid clutter. 

Whether we’re given a whole room or a portion of a larger space, a Neatsmith study will always be a ‘home’ study. Our designers often use leather and fabric doors to create a welcoming warmth to the space, so keep texture and textiles in mind when creating yours. We also always consider cable management and even wireless charging points, so think about including these elements as they can make a big difference in helping to create a calm, intelligent, clutter-free space for you to work in. (neatsmith.co.uk)