Dream spaces

A recent report from The Sleep Council revealed that only a quarter of us Brits sleep “very well”, yet we all know the drill: wind down with a leisurely bath, banish tech from the bedroom, and keep pre-sleep lighting low to ensure quality shuteye. But could we be missing an obvious trick with our bedroom design and choice of furnishings? Go back to basics and rediscover a world of satisfying slumber…


TAKE THE FLOOR: There’s a direct correlation between floor space and head space. While under-bed storage can be useful for packing away your lesser-used belongings, creating space beneath your sleeping spot seems luxurious and creates the illusion of a larger bedroom – perfect for showing off that oversized designer rug! Natuzzi Italia’s Dolcevita bed features a sumptuous Chesterfield headboard paired with sleek mid-century legs – a contemporary take on a classic design. Upholstered in either luxurious fabric or leather, it has a lightness of form that demands to stay clutter-free. A very stylish lesson in “less is more”.
From £3,740 (natuzzi.co.uk)

TOUCH DOWN: At night, when we turn off sight and sound, our sense of touch becomes all the more apparent. Play around with textures to find your perfect fabric for snoozing, whether that’s a luxurious faux fur throw or Egyptian cotton sheets of the highest thread count. British silk experts, Gingerlily have just introduced a new colourway to their silk bed linen collection, and it’s seriously sleep-inducing. Made from the finest long strand AA-grade mulberry silk, the chocolate-hued Cocoa is both kind to the skin and soothing for the hair, promoting a healthier and fresher sleep.
From £39 to £415 (020 8877 9905; gingerlily.co.uk)

A WHITE LIE: While neutrals are relaxing, an all-white scheme can give your dream space heavenly appeal – your bedroom should be a sanctuary, after all. Perhaps not a practical choice for those with kids, pets, or clumsy partners with coffee cups, but brilliant white furnishings and fabrics offer cloud-like cosiness with the added benefit of that bleached-out – therefore extra spacious – look. Sweetpea & Willow’s new Laurent bed with its embracing headboard and sumptuous deep buttoning is a snow-white dream in itself. Dress it with the crispest of white linen that it deserves.
£1,890 (sweetpeaandwillow.com)

IN THE FRAME: Modern bedrooms might play to our multitasking obsessions with hidden flat-screen TVs and open-plan en-suites, but nothing puts the emphasis back on sleep like a grand four-poster. A far cry from the floaty fairytale variety, contemporary four-post frames like this ensure a good night’s sleep is all in the design. Touched Interiors’ Desire bed is upholstered by skilled craftsmen in tactile leather, while its dramatic cubic form commands centre stage in any bedroom. Bring on the space-stealing extravagance and have a great night’s sleep.
£6,140 (0845 463 0083; touchedinteriors.co.uk)

MIRROR, MIRROR: Take a style tip from your favourite five-star hotel and think carefully about symmetry. Many interior designed sleep spaces use this trick to draw the eye to that most important element of any bedroom – a gloriously inviting bed. Interior designer Rachel Winham, whose raison d’être is “liveable luxury”, is a dab hand at creating aesthetically pleasing spaces that use symmetry for wow-factor effect. The bedroom of this west London property is perfectly centred and balanced with mirrored furnishings and accessories, creating an immediate sense of sleep-ready calm.
First Floor, 5 Pond Street, NW3(07919 332477; rachelwinham.com)