Creating a Luxurious Garden Space

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As the annual heatwave continues, our gardens are where we will find ourselves spending a chunk of our time. From al fresco dining and summer BBQs to sipping cocktails while lounging around in the sun, we want our gardens to give off the wow-factor, especially when entertaining guests.

Whether you are the owner of a petite plot or a ten-acre sprawl, creating a beautiful garden space which incorporates elements of luxury design is always conceivable. GZ Premium, a retailer of luxury accessories, homeware and outdoor furniture, discusses how you can create a luxurious garden space, no matter the size.

Garden Design

A focal point

Focal points are commonly utilised within interior design to attract attention and draw the eyes to a specific area. Many designers believe that without a focal point, a room will never feel quite right. While not classified as a room per se, the garden is still a space which can greatly benefit from having a centrepiece.

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit provides a welcome escape from the chilly nights that are, unfortunately, all too frequent in the UK. Having one installed not only looks lavish but means that you can enjoy your gorgeous garden all-year-round.

Another idea is to purchase an intricate garden sculpture, which offers a stylish addition to the outdoor space and can be made into the shape of just about anything. The style of your garden may influence the type of sculpture you select, though it doesn’t have to dictate it. In fact, many luxury garden designers opt for quirky or unusual sculptures that stand out from the rest of their surroundings.

Garden Design


Wooden decking has been a feature of luxury garden designs for many decades, being incredibly versatile and allowing people to utilise it in many ways. Depending on how much space you have to play with, a decking area can be used for dining, sunbathing, entertaining guests, or purely for aesthetic purposes.

As well as looking fantastic in a vast majority of garden styles, wooden decking also requires little maintenance. All you need to do is keep it clutter-free and clean while giving it a quick polish every now and then.

Water features

Water features are attractive, eye-catching and have relaxing, zen-like qualities. The cascading sound they emit decreases the noise pollution around us, which is beneficial for those living in somewhat busy areas, contributing to a stress-free, tranquil space.

Water features come in a variety of styles and sizes, which means they can fit into almost any outdoor area. For classic gardens, tiered fountains are a decorative feature that offer an effortless air of luxury. On the other hand, if a contemporary garden is your desired outcome, then stainless steel water features or those shaped in abstract designs, might be better suited.

Garden Design

Good lighting

Many of us are aware that lighting can either make or break a room and the same applies to a garden, where good lighting is key, especially during the darker months.

Landscape lighting is used to highlight the important architectural features of your garden and home, by strategically placing the lighting fixtures in the places you wish to showcase. For instance, having concealed lighting installed around your fire pit can create a luxurious, modern look, perfect for impressing guests.

Alternatively, incorporating lights amongst your flower beds allows you to show off the gorgeous, diverse colours and species within your garden, even at night.

Remember, when purchasing garden ware and accessories for your home, always invest in quality. Durable, robust furniture and decorations that withstand the test of time and retain their value for many years is the ultimate key to a luxurious garden.