Clear Your Space, Free Your Mind

Think of her like a personal trainer, or a life coach –  a professional organiser will not only transform your space, but improve your lifestyle, too.

If the past year has taught us anything about our homes it’s that space is a precious commodity. Indeed, spending so much time at home, we’ve been able to reassess our immediate surroundings and question whether we are, in fact, utilising every inch of them in the best possible way. Stretched to both social and home working limits, it’s little wonder we might be in need of a good old clear out, if not a shrewd new way to organise our belongings.

Alongside her comprehensive interior design service, Kensington-based Litta Sohi also offers clearing, decluttering and organising, and with that, clients’ homes will naturally get the designer’s personal touch. Growing up in Denmark, Litta was immersed into the world of design. For her, the concept of hygge has a very special meaning, it’s at the heart of everything she does and this strong Scandi influence can be seen today, throughout her work. “I love order, harmony, and beauty,” she says, “but I believe that the way that you feel about yourself and your home is what truly matters.”

Litta Sohi

When it comes to being super organised, the designer calls on her own experience, having lived all over the world and relocated numerous times. She tells us: “Having a big family with four children, dogs, horses, you name it, I had to come up with systems that worked brilliantly. I focus on clearing, decluttering, organising and rearranging any room, ideally keeping what the client already has in terms of furnishings and storage and only adding essentials to renew and refresh the space. I’ve helped many families and I manage to give the homes I work on a lovely warm feeling of positive energy.”

Whether she’s clearing garages or kitchen cupboards, organising kids’ rooms or rearranging clients’ refrigerators, Litta works on the premise that out of sight equals out of mind: “I’m a strong believer in being able to see everything you have easily, otherwise you won’t use it,” she says, proving that her decluttering service goes way beyond the cosmetic, it’s about functionality as much as creating a calming space. For those drowning under a mountain of clothes, Litta sorts into separate categories: for the charity shop, items the client definitely wants to keep, the ‘not sure’ box – to be decided at a later date, and a box for items to sell on eBay or Depop. “Some old items we have are especially meaningful so these can be difficult to get rid of,” she says. “I’ll often put these in a special box on a shelf labelled ‘sentimental’ so they are easy to access and they are all together.”

Ultimately, clearing, decluttering, organising and rearranging has transformative effects on our wellbeing. For Litta, eliminating what she calls “decision fatigue” – feeling overwhelmed by our stuff, having to decide where items belong – can reduce stress. A cathartic clear out can also improve mental focus and can even save time going forward. “What is important is how you feel about your home: it’s something very personal and emotional,” she says, “it’s not just about the mechanics of decluttering… I love nothing better than helping people to get their home set up in a way that really works for them.”

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