The Glitziest Christmas 2018 Baubles

Goodness gracious… great balls of gold, glitter and downright gorgeousness. No matter how lovely thy Christmas tree’s branches, we think they deserve some extra glitz.

Bronze Balloon Dog HarrodsBronze balloon dog decoration, £22 (

Gold leopard print bauble liberty londonGold leopard print bauble, £5.95 (

Hummingbird Tree Decoration RSPBHummingbird tree decoration, £4.99 (

Emerald Glitter Bauble John LewisEmerald glitter floral bauble, £10 (

Ombre diamond bauble conran shop
Ombre diamond bauble, £9 

Rainbow glitter Christmas bauble selfridgesRainbow glitter Christmas bauble, £10 (

Copper glitter egg decoration healsCopper glitter egg medium decoration, £10 (