The London Design Festival might be done and dusted for another year, but having witnessed such inspiring wares, we’ll admit, we’ve got a design hangover that we don’t want to get over. That Thames & Hudson have announced the publication of two exciting new architecture titles this month is just the morning after tonic to our design-indulgent night before. Their timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Architecture: The Whole Story is a must-have coffee table compendium for anyone with a passing interest in architecture, its rich history and the industry as a whole – from accounts of celebrated architects themselves, to plans, designs and construction projects the world over. The book explores the globe’s most iconic architectural achievements from the Neolithic age to the present day – including the Taj Mahal, Diocletian’s Palace, the TWA Flight Center and of course, the beautiful, imposing Gothic structure that is our very own Palace of Westminster – undoubtedly one of the most recognisable and impressive buildings ever erected. Biased much? Well yes. Yes we are…

Superlight: Lightness in Contemporary Houses has been hailed as a truly special and unique book, and one that’s got us rethinking our relationship with our four walls. Inspired by Glenn Murcutt’s dictum that buildings should ‘touch the earth lightly’ – in other words, that materials used should be environmentally friendly, leading to open living and greater communion with their surroundings – author, Phyllis Richardson looks at houses that appear to float, ingenious constructions, innovative structures, inflatable spaces and super high-tech and hyper-intelligent homes. Grand designs indeed.