At Home With: Lucy St George

With her flair for dark drama and playful luxury, Lucy St George’s north London home is a masterclass in maximalism. The co-founder of Rockett St George, an online emporium of exquisite vintage-style finds, shares the Victorian terrace with daughters Ella, 21, and Grace, 16.

Tell me about the house itself

It’s a four bedroom property with two bathrooms, two reception rooms and a kitchen. The house is an unusual shape with turrets on the side and it actually looks a little bit like Bowser’s Castle in Super Mario Bros! Due to the style of the property we have a series of rooms that are all interesting shapes and sizes – I think there are only two square rooms in the whole house.

Rockett St George

Have you made any changes to the layout?

At the rear of the house we had a small study, the kitchen and a conservatory- style room. Each room was small and it felt cramped, so I decided to remove the walls (not structurally) and changed the conservatory-style windows into doors leading to the garden. This has made a huge difference and we now have a much larger kitchen, dining room and even a space with chairs to sit and relax by the garden.

What are your non-negotiables when buying a home?

Totally random, but I like to live on the main road. I like to feel connected to the world and I’ve always liked the bustle of people and the benefit of good transport links. Beyond that, I like a house with potential and often look for a doer-upper. When it comes to decorating, I love for my interiors to evolve as time and funds allow.

How important is character to you?

I love a period feature; I would always favour an older house with character over a new build or modern house.

Rockett St George

Describe your interiors style

I’m a natural maximalist so I definitely subscribe to the “more is more, less is a bore” mindset. I’ve been collecting items for my home since the age of 19 – I love things that can tell a story or two and evoke memories. I also love quirky items that make me smile; interiors for me are not all about how they look, it’s how they make you feel.

Tell me about the use of colour and texture

I tend to go for block colour on the walls but then add colour and texture to my interiors with the use of lighting and accessories. I have a lot of metal lamps that create shadows and atmosphere in the room at night, gold detailing on the ceiling in two rooms of the house, and tin tiles on the kitchen ceiling. These details create texture and drama, and they bounce light back into the room. For colour, I like to add in accessories: rugs, artwork, cushions and throws, to introduce a pop of colour and pattern to the space.

Aside from Rockett St George, which interiors brands are your favourites?

Ikea is great for all the practical things like kitchenware and accessories. I love Quirky Interiors for furniture, brass kitchens and antiques. And Pure White Lines for their fabulous vintage finds.

What was your best thrifty find for the house? And the most extravagant?

Too many… I am an eBay addict! I’ve bought a bargain fridge, dining tables and a few Victorian beds. And for the most extravagant, I have a Rockett St George black leather Chesterfield sofa – it’s amazing!

Rockett St George

Which room is your favourite?

I love my kitchen; we’ve had so many good times here and it’s where we all congregate with family and friends.

What’s next for Rockett St George?

We’re currently working on new own-brand ranges with fabulous lighting, hand-painted furniture and a new bespoke sofa collection – all coming soon.

Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors in Colour, £19.99, hardback, published by Ryland Peters & Small (

Photography Catherine Gratwicke