5 ways to Future-Proof your Kitchen

If your dream kitchen is ‘broken-plan’, with metal finishes and dark cabinets, you’re bang on trend. But what if you fit it today, then fall out of love with it in five years?

“Trends do change,” says Sofia Bune Strandh, CEO of Sola Kitchens. “Dark shades have been around for a few years, for example, but I think light ones will be back soon. And you may love brass doors now, but you could feel very different in the future. You don’t want to spend £40-50,000 on a kitchen then have to completely replace it.”The key is to ask yourself whether you’re likely to tire of your chosen style, says Sofia –then make sure you can change aspects of the design. Here are her tips for how to do it.

1. Be subtle

If you use fashionable finishes sparingly – for example, a copper splash back or section of worktop – you’ll be able to live with them for longer. If not, they’re easy to swap.

2. Think ahead

If you want your metal doors to be shiny in three years, you’ll need a lacquered or waxed finish. But if you want them to age naturally, you’ll need to leave them untreated. Whatever your vision, tell your kitchen designer upfront.

3. Give yourself options

We use brass and copper doors on our standard cupboards, so clients can change them further down the line. We also recommend paying the extra £3-5,000 for hand-painted units, so you can transform your kitchen at any time.

4. Break up your space with something replaceable

Open-plan is still popular. But we’re starting to see people use doors to divide up the room, such as steel or aluminium Crittall doors. These let in the light and are easy to change if you get fed up.

5. Avoid false economies

Clients often want to put high-end appliances and worktops on to cheaper cabinets. But when the cabinets start to break, you can’t easily change them. If you want to save money, you’re better off spending more on good-quality cabinets and less on the worktop and appliances. That way, you can always repaint the doors and buy new appliances for a completely fresh look.