Vote Macaron

With the fate of the the country hanging delicately in the balance as we prepare to go to the polls, we’re sure we’re not the only hard-won voters to appreciate a little light relief. After all, this is serious stuff – Thursday’s general election has been hailed as one of the closest run yet with speculation rife surrounding a possible hung parliament and post-election party pacts. What will become of us? Let us eat cake? Well yes. Or more accurately, macarons. All this electioneering makes for hungry work, and that’s a fact not lost on, a site dedicated to luxury launches, who’ve teamed up with baker to the stars, Georgia Green, to whip up an election special collection of our favourite French fancies. Available in five pertinent colours – red, blue, yellow, green and er, purple, these tasty treats represent the five main political parties – perfect if you’re a polite society type who’d rather not wear your political persuasion on your sleeve, but show your allegiance quietly, and in exceptional fashion.

You can vote with your stomach, too at Belsize Park’s delectable Black Truffle, who’ll be serving up the very topical vanilla macarons, but which to choose? Four of the red and two of the green? Three of the blue and one of the yellow? Call us greedy, but we’d quite like to take all five colours home with us – and that’s one confectionary-sized coalition we can cope with. Sold individually at £2, or in boxes of 10 at £18