SWEET TREATS: Something Wicked This Way Comes

With Halloween on the horizon, we’re hopeful that we might be able to host a ghoulish gathering this year. Whether or not that proves possible, we can’t wait to sink our fangs into the seasonal offerings of a couple of Fabric foodie favourites. Darkly delicious spooky specials from Crosstown come in the form of limited-edition Dough Bites: black cocoa sourdough filled with a fresh home-style raspberry jam and topped with a dark berry glaze. Available to order from mid-October for delivery between 29 and 31, they are priced at £37.95 for a box of fifteen. Or, £2.70 each, £8 for a box of three in store. crosstown.co.uk/halloween 

Meanwhile, true to form, Cutter & Squidge has gone all out with a collection including headless gingerbread men, severed gingerbread fingers, brownies sprinkled with graveyard bones, ‘blood splattered’ macarons and a vegan caramel fudge cake in the guise of a pumpkin. Of course, the Biskie’s have been given a monstruos makeover, too. They look almost too good to eat, but we urge you to – all are devilishly divine and available now.