Possibly the World's Most Sustainable Cocktail

Something beautiful is blossoming at Quaglino’s this spring.

The culmination of a passion project for bar manager Marco Sangion, Blossom is possibly the world’s most sustainable cocktail. It has a base of organic vodka infused with the peel of purple carrots (used as a side dish in the restaurant), mixed with homemade jasmine milk (made by overcooking a small handful of jasmine rice, which is then blended to make a creamy solution similar to milk).

A fruity twang comes from mandarin cordial (created from the skins of mandarins that are freshly squeezed for another serve on the menu), while mint stick oil adds freshness and a gorgeous smell to the cocktail (bunches and bunches of mint are used daily in the bar, Marco and his team regularly make mint stick oil by blending the unused stems with organic olive oil).

Finally, and most impressively, the vessel for this drink is made from homemade pasta, cooked and shaped onsite. We’ll toast to a guilt-free cocktail.

16 Bury Street, SW1Y (020 7930 6767; quaglinos-restaurant.co.uk)