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 Meet the London based brand taking on the markets biggest effervescent brands

Words by Sophie Hampton

Founded in 2015 by four Australian friends who recognised a gap in the market, Phizz emerged from their frustration at the lack of an all-in-one solution solution to support their wellbeing while travelling. Since then, this London-based start-up has rapidly risen to prominence as the leading effervescent brand in the UK, surpassing competitors like Berocca and sugary energy drinks in market growth (Source: Nielsen NIQ). By tapping into the global trend of health hacking through proactive hydration, Phizz is reshaping the industry landscape. Notably, Phizz is also the sole plastic-positive effervescent brand, with recyclable tubes and a commitment to collecting and recycling 1.5 times their weight in plastic waste for every unit sold, preventing it from entering our oceans.

Recognising hydration’s critical role in health and performance, Phizz effervescent tablets provides three times faster hydration while adding a range of health benefits. They offer a simplified science-backed solution to the clutter of multivitamins, electrolyte powders, and sports drinks making Phizz ideal for daily well-being, exercise, travel and nights out. Initially launched with a core range comprising Orange, Mixed Berry, and Apple & Blackcurrant flavors, Phizz has recently introduced Mango and a groundbreaking guarana-charged option, Cherry Caffeine Boost, for added energy.

According to Dan, “At Phizz, our product range covers daily wellbeing and energy solutions, all anchored by our electrolyte-focused hydration formula. We believe that hydration is the cornerstone of health and performance, and we’re here to elevate it for our customers. Phizz is helping to evolve hydration away from purely being synonymous with exercise. We are dedicated to enhancing health and performance proactively, beyond the post-workout or hangover fix that hydration tablets have become known for, hydration is increasingly being understood as part of a foundational approach to wellbeing, going beyond just drinking water and understanding electrolyte performance.”

Phizz products are readily available in shops and supermarkets nationwide, priced at £8 per tube of 20 tablets and £3.50 per tube of 10 tablets.