Pan-Pacific Dining in Notting Hill

London has seen a burgeoning surge in the appearance of unusual fusion restaurants over the past decade, and dedicated foodies have been blessed with culinary options they could only hitherto dream of sampling. Further investigation into different locales still garners fresh and exciting taste experiences though, and in the heart of Notting Hill, we discover a true hybrid gem that still manages to offer a surprising and innovative marriage of culinary cultures. We are talking of Los Mochis, a very stylish and cool Japanese, Mexican fusion restaurant, to be found just behind The Gate Cinema, wherein Tokyo meets Tulum to grand effect.

Los Mochis

Upon arrival, we discover a simple courtly exterior which gives way to an elegantly lit industrial chic interior.  Bare brick walls sporting bursts of colour here and there in the form of Mexican style art, with a modern twist. As a friendly staff member shows us to our table we even spot an amusing painting of Yoda craftily placed above a cabinet bedecked with Day of the Dead-esque dolls, miniature skulls and other various eye-catching trinkets. This place really is a little slice of unexpected magic for all who enter within.

We begin with cocktails from an impressive menu strongly leaning toward the tequila aficionado. In fact, Los Mochis’ fare appears upon the surface to lean slightly more toward Mexico than Japan in terms of content, however this is deceiving, as a Japanese cooking style is artfully woven into almost every dish on offer here. This approach is deftly illustrated in the creation of aforementioned cocktails, as I discover to my delight when I taste the Condesa Sunset. The tequila blends perfectly with the burst of fruit flavours, all cleverly tempered with a soy infusion. For those seeking the Japanese experience over and above the Mexican though, there is also a wonderful sake section within the drinks menu as well.

Los Mochis

Onto the food, and the curated tasting menu on offer to us. We begin with some guacamole, which is about as good as guacamole gets, and is closely followed by sea bass ceviche, crispy Californian tostaditos, spicy salmon on crispy rice, beetroot tiradito, and cucumber avocado maki. The sea bass ceviche is succulent with a subtle tempered zingy sharpness to it, the tostaditos are wonderfully refreshing and unusual texturally due to the sweet potato shell. The beetroot looks and tastes like a plate of sunshine, but the star of the show, so far, is definitely the spicy salmon on crispy rice. This dish is exquisite both in flavour and texture. The crisp coat of the deep fried sushi rice giving way to the moistness of the rice itself whilst accompanied by the melt in the mouth flavoursome salmon tartare on top. A little dish of heaven.

Los Mochis

Next to arrive on our table are the trailer park chicken taco, cucumber avocado maki, and the yakinku taco, all of which are delightful, and again the fusion of the two cuisines really shines through in the two taco dishes. The guacamole and jalapeno bbq sauce representing Mexico complement the Japanese flavours of the habanero gochujang and sesame perfectly in the chicken taco. The steak in the yakinku taco being marvellously tender with the ginger beautifully cutting through the after burn of the chilli here as well. It is a pleasure to be able to say in earnest that Los Mochis has managed to elevate the traditionally humble taco to the realms of fine dining with these innovative flavour combinations.

For pudding, we have the matcha blondie which, and I know this a rare thing to say about such a seemingly simple dessert, but it is so good it almost steals the show. Altogether we have had one perfect meal from start to finish and we’ll be recommending Los Mochis to anyone out there, especially those with a sense of adventure.

Los Mochis Brunch

It would also be remiss not to mention that Los Mochis have recently launched their newly refined brunch menu, available from 9am on weekends. This brunch menu offers an enticing selection of breakfast favourites such as indulgent plates of Masa Chicken & Waffles and Pancakes with grilled peaches, berry compote & maple syrup. We can’t think of a better way to start your day off, except with the caveat that given the huge array of tequila on display at their bar, perhaps one might be well advised to exercise some caution if “hair of the dog” is on your mind early doors at Los Mochis; in any case, go, enjoy your adventure. And if you’re in the Liverpool Street area, keep an eye out for Los Mochis’ second restaurant, opening there this autumn.

Los Mochis, 2 – 4 Farmer Street, Notting Hill, W8 7SN (, 020 7243 6436)