Let's Raise a Glass this Jubilee Weekend

As another lovely four day weekend approaches, it’s time to start chilling the drinks. Here’s our round-up to help you toast the Queen in style.


Amaro Santoni

Amaro Santoni offers an elegantly light taste of Tuscan summer led by rhubarb and iris with undertones of citrus and olive leaves. With 34 natural herbs and botanicals the lightly alcoholic (16% ABV) ruby liquid goes beyond the classic concept of amaro and pays homage to the treasures of its hometown, Florence, in both form and flavour. Try it with tonic for a new take on a summer spritz.

Amaro Santoni is already on the menus at some of London’s best bars and is available now from The Whisky Exchange and Amazon for £26.95.

Amaro Santori Jubilee

Cotswold Gin

The Cotswolds Distillery has come up trumps with its limited edition Platinum Jubilee Gin. The limited edition Gin is a blend of nine carefully considered botanicals, layered with strawberry, raspberry and pink pepper. Packed with fruity notes it leaves a delicious taste of smooth vanilla ice cream in the mouth, which can never be a bad thing. It makes for the perfect celebratory G&T when mixed with tonic and served with fresh strawberries.

The Cotswolds Distillery Platinum Jubilee Gin ABV: 46%, £34.95, available from Majestic Wines

Jubilee Cotswolds Gin


Taking its name from the sea next to where their almond trees grow, ADRIATICO Roasted and ADRIATICO Bianco Amarettos are made from handpicked Italian almonds from Puglia and are 100% natural. As well as being one of the only amarettos made from real almonds, these premium Amarettos are also Gluten Free and Vegan Certified.

ADRIATICO Roasted Amaretto is one of the most versatile liqueurs and is best enjoyed in an Amaretto Sour, topped up with Ginger Beer for an ADRIATICO Mule or neat over ice. Definitely a fine addition to any drinks cabinet this summer.

£28.99 Available from: AmazonHarvey NicholsSPIRIT.EDMaster of Malt

Jubilee Adriatico

Oddbird Non-Alcoholic Wines

Oddbird is a range of high quality, non-alcoholic sparkling wines from France and Italy. Oddbird’s Blanc de Blancs and Sparkling Rosé wines from France and Spumante from Italy are produced using traditional methods and then “liberated from alcohol” using a unique, patented vacuum distillation method. Oddbird has produced three high-quality, zero-alcohol sparkling expressions to help the sober curious enjoy celebrations, parties, and special occasions. 

Oddbird Spumante RRP: £8.99. | Oddbird Blanc de Blancs RRP: £9.99. | Oddbird Sparkling Rosé Wine RRP:£9.99. Available from: Alcohol Free Company and Amazon

Jubilee Oddbird

Rum – Ron Santiago de Cuba

Ron Santiago de Cuba™ is a well known brand among Cuban rum lovers and traditionally recognised as the highest expression of Cuban rum making tradition from the South-East of the island. Santiago de Cuba is located at the heart of a unique, fertile microclimate where the land, Caribbean seas and the blazing sun all combine to create the perfect setting for a rum which has a naturally sweet, smooth flavour profile.

Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 11 Years Old is a delicious blend of sugarcane molasses and the delicate aromas of vanilla, coconut and dry almond notes. Perfect for just sipping, adding into cocktails or as great alternative to whiskey. Salut!

Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca: £20.50, Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 8 Year Old: £24, Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 11 Year Old: £35, Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 12 Year Old: £42. Available here.

Jubilee Santiago de Cuba Rum