Hot Table: Fornata

Yes, yes, I know it’s officially a time for detoxing and staying in, but that translates as having no fun, and goes against everything I stand for. With that in mind I grabbed a friend and made tracks for Soho’s newest Italian. Fornata champions the classic Italian tradition of aperitivo – friends meeting for early evening drinks and sharing antipasti, the traditional Italian small plates. I justified it with the reasoning that small equals good for the diet, and where’s the harm in that?

Bright, cheery and inviting, with its mama’s kitchen vibe, Fornata felt like the perfect place to be on a cold dark night, and we settled in with a warming bottle of red, while we perused the menu. You’ll probably need to have some things explained; this is the sort of place that doesn’t spell things out, expecting you to just know. It has to be said that many of our choices, being largely bread-based, flew in the face of the light bites justification, but traditional Italian oven baking is at the heart of everything the restaurant does, and the smell was just too hard to resist. We also flagrantly disregarded the waitress’ advice, and ordered far too much – be warned, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, and we don’t recommend it. I’ve already picked out the lighter bites for next time, though, and may still treat myself to one or two of the more indulgent options…

15 Kingly Street, W1
020 8181 8887