Flat Iron heads to North London

Charlie Carroll, self-taught butcher and founder of Flat Iron will be bringing his much-loved steaks to north London this September, with a new opening on Caledonian Road.

Having started with a pop-up back in 2012, Charlie’s business has grown at an astonishing rate, and the latest restaurant will be his sixth. Flat Iron’s popularity is no surprise though; Charlie champions a formerly underrated feather blade cut of steak, cooking it so that it is juicy, richly flavoured and oh-so tender, and serving it with beef dripping chips (the recipe for which took 128 attempts to perfect).

The new restaurant will follow its predecessors’ winning formulae, but with a few exciting new additions. For the first time, joining the beef dripping fries, will be fries cooked in Wagyu fat, which is prized for its sweet, nutty flavour (we’re expecting big, big things from these). Made to order ice cream will also be available for the first time.

A reflection of Charlie’s obsession with perfectionism, the ice cream will be created from scratch at the central ice cream bar; fresh custard will be poured onto a supercooled slab, then quickly chopped with paddles to create a creamy, smooth scoop, served instantly for the smoothest ice cream possible. Each ice cream can be customised with a host of toppings, from Madagascan vanilla Chantilly cream to Italian wild Amarena cherry syrup, or bean to bar Congolese Cru Virunga chocolate. We’re positively drooling.

47-51 Caledonian Road, N1 (flatironsteak.co.uk)

Flat Iron Caledonian Road