Bun-derful stuff at Gail's Bakery

It wouldn’t be Easter without a GAIL’s hot cross bun – having put in the man hours sampling the Capital’s offerings we can confirm these sweet and spicy treats to be the best. The classic bun is made fresh throughout the day at all of GAIL’s locations. Packed with currants, sultanas and cranberries, each bun is glazed with spiced syrup to give them a delicious, sticky top. Slathered in butter or toasted straight-up, they’re guaranteed to brighten even the greyest of days (of which we seem to be having far too many). And the humble bun just got even better: this year sees GAIL’s 2020 Waste Not campaign launching the Bacon Hot Cross Bun, made using yesterday’s leftover hot cross buns filled with maple glazed bacon. They won’t be around for long, so grab yours while you can… (online orders only now mind you!)

To order online (gailsbread.co.uk)