Easter Treats

Things are looking up. We can meet our friends outside AND it’s Easter! As we all know, this means calories don’t count, so it’s time for hot cross buns and chocolate treats galore. We’ve picked a few of our faves.

Pierre Marcolini 400g egg, £45 (eu.marcolini.com)

Chocolate Acorn Easter egg, £35 (daylesford.com)

Rose & violet dark chocolate egg, £32.95 (rococochocolates.com)

Biscuiteers bunny with tulip iced biscuit £10.99 exclusive to Selfridges (selfridges.co.uk)

Egg iced biscuits, £16.95 (fortnumandmason.com)

The PLAYin CHOC Rabbit Gift Set of 6, £15 (playinchoc.com)
Plastic-free, ethical, sustainable and dairy free

The Niederegger Nostalgic egg filled with mini marzipan and chocolate eggs, £7.99 (chocolatesdirect.com, johnlewis.com)