“Easily satisfied by the very best…”

What a very British year it’s been! What with joyous jubilees, triumphant Olympics and royal pitter-patter announcements, it seems that London is feeling more patriotic than ever before – in our generation’s lifetime, at least. So it’s only right that one figure so synonymous with the British bulldog spirit should make a timely reappearance. The Churchill Bar & Terrace at the Hyatt Regency London opened last month, and is a sleek, considered and exclusive homage to the man himself – but, more to the point after a stroke-inducing bout of West End shopping, is exactly the centrally-located bolthole we’ve been looking for.

The Portman Square bar will woo more studious Churchill scholars, who will appreciate the interior design touches referencing Winnie and his wife Clementine, while cigar fans will swoon at the top-notch selection of cigars and their bespoke humidor. They also stock their own specially blended Churchill Craft Gin which, even allowing for our self-professed gin weakness, is worth the visit alone, especially when mixed into the signature Churchill Martini. Although be warned that the tipple – as would be much to the great-but-rarely-sober gentleman’s approval, no doubt – is not for the faint-hearted, and if not getting too squiddly is a priority, should probably be contained to two on a school night. Oh ok, three – they’re that good. We’ll see you there!

30 Portman Square, W1 (020 7299 2035)