Crumb Sourdough Baker’s Dozen Kit

Nothing beats a warm, crusty sourdough loaf, but try as I might, I’ve never achieved quite the same chewy crumb and crunchy crust combo as the loaves from my local farmers’ market. It seems that a recipe in itself does not guarantee a good loaf. Step up Crumb, with their ingenious, all-in-one, bake-at-home sourdough package. I’m assured that the only things I need provide are an oven, some patience and a little muscle power. I excitedly unwrap my Baker’s Dozen kit. As well as the obvious – the “starter” (a living culture of natural yeasts which you keep in the fridge) and enough flour to make two loaves – there’s a lovely granite baking stone, a plastic scraper and some cute bread baskets. Very detailed and easy to follow instructions are included, as well as tips and links for online videos to help you come up with your own personal kneading technique. Elbow grease is definitely required, as is time for proving. Even though my first effort looks slightly unorthodox, it’s the tastiest loaf I’ve ever produced, and it gets the thumbs up from the whole family.

£49.99 plus postage (