Chill, Pour, Spritz, Sip

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a cocktail to get the party started but drinking cocktails off duty at home is not always the glitz and glamour it’s cracked up to be… the endless ingredients list, the cost, the time and the space in our kitchen. No matter how good our mixing skills are, it takes quite a lot to recreate the same look and taste ourselves. If your bartending skills need a little dusting up like mine, then why not let Charlie’s Classic Cocktails do all the hard work for you this Christmas and indulge in some expertly crafted (and effortless) cocktails delivered straight to your door. 

Specialising in the classic popular serves such as the Old Fashioneds, Gin Martinis and Manhattans, Charlie’s has focused on getting these favourites to look, smell and taste just right. After all there is a reason that these tipples have stood the sands of time, and in the right hands they are great cocktails. Perfect for dinner parties, to celebrate a long week, a unique gift or just because, this luxury bespoke drinks range is handcrafted in Yorkshire by Charlie himself, a mixologist, who really knows his stuff. With an impressive track record, Charlie knows what works. Each kit is pleasingly narrow, comprising of four or six strong 100ml classics (20% ABV) from the permanent collection, Charlie’s unique citrus spritz garnish and a handwritten gift note for the extra personal touch – giving you everything you need to recreate your favourite serves.

Compact by nature, these little bundles of joy also contain exactly what you need to minimise waste whilst maximising taste. Presented in an entirely recyclable gift box and with Charlie’s bottle reuse project working hard in the background, it enables customers to lower their environmental footprint by offering the option to return the cocktail bottles for thorough clean and reuse (completely free of charge). So you can sip easy, knowing you’re doing a bit of good at the same time. You can’t say fairer than that.

So, just like being at your favourite bar (but without the wait), Charlie’s cocktails brings the high-end, old school charm experience to your home – fuss-free and ready to drink in a matter of moments… after chilling of course. Just add a citrus spritz to garnish. No shaking, stirring, ice or equipment required.

Charlie’s Classic Cocktails are available to order online in luxury gift boxes of four or six individually bottled cocktails from their website ( and start at £40 per gift box with free next day delivery.