Bun and only

A very wise nutritionist once told Fabric that to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar levels, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks were imperative. We’ve held on to that intelligence almost religiously, although we admit that we may have lost sight of what makes a nutritionally balanced snack. The latter is rarely the most desirable, after all.

If, like ours, your 4pm cuppa mourns the lack of a sugar injection, you’ll probably be familiar with the Nordic Bakery’s cinnamon buns – which are so good that Vogue, the Evening Standard, Time Out and Zagat have all dubbed them ‘the best’. They’re cinnamon-filled cult classics, if you will. No wonder the bakery has decided to dedicate this week to celebrating these sweet treats in all of their glory – and then some.

On each day in the run up to Cinnamon Bun Day this Friday (yes, that’s a real thing), all three Nordic Bakery locations will be serving a new variation on their much-loved original recipe. While today raisins and lemon glaze are taking centre-stage, we’re already getting excited about tomorrow, which promises chocolate buttons. Wednesday will be all about the custard and almonds, with blueberries promised on Thursday and apple planned for the big day itself. Priced at £2.40 each, we’re the first to admit that this is going to be almost impossible to resist. Time to get the kettle on…