We Love: Black Bee Honey

While researchers have proven that eating honey doesn’t actually help to relieve hay fever symptoms, there’s still much to recommend a really delicious, locally made jar.

Founded by Londoners Chris Barnes and Paul Webb, and named after the native British honey bee, Black Bee Honey produces premium honey sourced from the best British bee farms. Harvested straight from the honeycomb and left unprocessed – neither heated nor blended – the Black Bee honeys carry traces of the seasons, reflecting the weather and flora of the honey bees’ natural habitat. As a result, each jar is unique in flavour, hue and consistency. With a huge variety of plants and trees in the Capital’s parks and gardens, the single origin London Honey has a mind-blowing complexity of flavours and we can’t get enough of it.
Black Bee Honey
£8.95 for 250g, available from Whole Foods and various independent delis. blackbeehoney.co