RECIPE: Lina Stores Arancini with Gorgonzola

Since 1944, Lina Stores have been selling authentic Italian produce and fresh, handmade pasta, panini and dolci from their delicatessen on Brewer Street in Soho, and over the years the Lina Stores family has grown to include a restaurant on Greek Street, restaurants and delis in Marylebone and King’s Cross, and a restaurant in the Bloomberg Arcade. From panettone, panforte and torrone to Christmas gift hampers, indulgent Italian chocolates and traditional confectionery, their festive collection (pictured, right) promises gorgeous gifts for the foodies in your life, and the team are on hand for advice on Christmas catering, too. To give an idea of what’s on offer, they shared this recipe with us – it’s perfect for serving as an appetiser at drinks dos, or as a starter with a difference on the big day. Squisito!


500g Arborio rice | 450g Gorgonzola | 150ml white wine | 80g shallots, fi nely chopped | 1 garlic clove, finely chopped | 125ml rapeseed oil | 300g Parmigiano Reggiano, grated | 1.5l vegetable stock | 50g flour | 4 eggs, beaten | 100g breadcrumbs | Salt and black pepper to taste | 50ml rapeseed oil, for frying | Pear Mostarda, for dipping


20 – 25 Arancini balls


1. Add rapeseed oil, chopped garlic and shallots to a large pot and sauté for 1 minute at a high temperature. Add the rice and fry the mixture for a further minute. Deglaze with white wine and cook until reduced (for a further minute or two). Reduce the heat to low, add half the vegetable stock and simmer gently while stirring for 3 minutes. Add the rest of the stock and cook on a gentle heat, stirring until the rice is fully cooked, approximately 9-10 minutes. The consistency should be like thick but runny risotto with a little bit of bite left. Do not overcook the rice.

2. Remove from heat and pour the rice mixture into a large bowl, add the grated Parmigiano Reggiano, as well as salt and pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly and leave to cool until around room temperature.

3. Once fully cooled, roll a small portion of rice mixture in your hands until you have a round, perfectly formed ball. Fill with 15-20g of Gorgonzola. Set up three separate bowls with one containing the fl our, one containing the beaten eggs and one containing the breadcrumbs. Roll each ball in flour, followed by egg mixture and finally in breadcrumbs. Put aside.

4. Heat oil on high in a deep pan and deep-fry Arancini for 3-4 minutes until they are golden and crispy all over.

5. Serve with Pear Mostarda for dipping.

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