Anyone for tennis?

Ah, Wimbledon: a British institution if ever there was one.

Yes, it’s that time of year again – beginning on Monday 24th June, and for the next two weeks all eyes will be on the All England Club and we don’t know about you but we’re getting more that a little bit excited. Surely this has to be Andy’s year, what with his recent Queen’s victory and those 2012 runner-up tears that set us all off, blubbing like babies into our strawberries and cream. Frankly, we were in bits and we’re not ashamed to admit it; Wimbledon has, after all been a reassuring constant in our lives ever since our steadfast after-school CBBC watching was usurped by two very important weeks of game, set and match, resulting in a life-long love of tennis. (Thanks, Mum!) In honour of the annual pilgrimage to SW19 that means so much more than the game itself, here are some of our top picks to do it in style:

We’re promised at least some sunshine between the showers at Wimbledon this year and big, bad stylish shades are an absolute must. Make like an original tennis wife in these ‘60s style tortoiseshell cat eye sunnies by Alexander McQueen that guarantee to turn heads.

London’s oldest tailor, Ede & Ravenscroft have come up with the perfect accessory  for the discerning gent at Centre Court: a classic panama that super handily folds away into its own travel tube. Very clever thinking!


And Centre Court roof or not, it would be foolish not to pack a brolly. Of course we don’t want to put a damper on proceedings but, if we have a rain-free Wimbledon this year we’ll eat that fold-away panama. We love the Museum of Modern Art’s Sky Umbrella with its very hopeful blue sky under-print that’s sure to brighten up the soggiest of British grand slams.


So that’s the fashion, what about the refreshments? No Wimbledon championship is complete without the requisite strawberries and cream, but with a sweet little twist (and less mess), we’re looking forward to delving into a delicious tub of Loseley ice cream – strawberries & clotted cream flavour, no less. It would be rude not to.

And of course, an ice cold G&T is the ultimate British summertime drink to sip with guests on your very own Murray Mount that is your back garden. No 3 London Dry Gin is quite simply the perfect serve. (Geddit?) Come on Andy! Do us proud.