Lancing College: Open Day

Lancing College

Navigating School Open Days

A Parent’s Guide

Words by Sophie Hampton

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It is that time of year – school open days! There’s nothing like a sneak peek into your child’s academic future but before you get carried away with Pinterest-perfect visions, let’s dive into how you can make the most out of these days!

If you are navigating the maze of potential schools for your child, these events are your golden ticket to go beyond the glossy brochures and really get a feel for what a school is all about. Don’t just choose a school because it is flavour of the month. Trends come and go faster than a TikTok dance craze. Dig deeper – what works for your friend’s child might be a total miss for yours.  It’s about finding the perfect fit for your child’s unique needs.

First thing’s first, let us talk vibes – the school’s vibe that is. When you walk through those doors, take a minute to soak in the atmosphere. Is it buzzing with energy, or does it feel more like a library? Ask yourself if the general vibe aligns with what you envision for your child’s learning environment. Trust me, the vibes speak volumes!

Now onto the nitty-gritty. Ethos and values -what is the school’s mojo? Don’t shy away from chatting to teachers and other staff about what makes the school tick. Ask about their approach to character development, co-curriculars, and how they handle tricky stuff like conflicts or challenges. You want to know if the school’s values dance to the same beat as yours.

Curriculum; dig deep into what and how they are teaching. Research shows that a well-rounded curriculum is key. Ask about the approach to learning, the mix of subjects, and how they cater to different learning styles. Remember it is not just about passing exams, it is about fostering a lifelong love of learning!

League tables – Just because a school is perched at the top does not mean it is the Holy Grail of education. Research backs this up. Schools are like people; they have different strengths. The one at the top might have the best Maths results but struggle with nurturing creativity. Do not be blinded by numbers; be swayed by what aligns with your child’s journey.

Now here’s a curveball for all you London-centric parents- it’s time to look beyond the city! Explore the benefits of those schools outside the London bubble. Fantastic boarding schools south of London are waiting to be discovered. Imagine clean sea air, space to grow, beautiful safe campus and small class sizes with a dazzling array of exciting indoor and outdoor co-curricular options to choose from. With their super-flexible boarding options and an hour by train from London, you might then think of Lancing College on the West Sussex border.

Lancing College’s forthcoming open days – imagine an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Explore the stunning campus, meet the staff and students, and get a taste of what makes Lancing College extra-ordinary. It’s not just an open day, it is an invitation to be part of something special.

Don’t get swayed by what’s popular; get swayed by what feels right for your child. And if you are up for an adventure, get your calendars marked for Lancing College’s open days – where education meets excitement in a way which will make your child say, ‘’This is it! This is the one!’’