Knightsbridge School: Stimulation and Support

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Are you looking to change your child’s school for Year 9? The “ecosystem of happiness” at Knightsbridge School will give them the emotional and academic support they need to flourish in the tricky GCSE years.

From the opening seconds of the senior school virtual tour video on the school’s website, it’s clear that the palpable buzz of Knightsbridge School extends into years 9, 10 and 11. The pupils are happy, confident embodiments of the KS Code, which provides consistent expectations of behaviour and manners. As the school’s founder and principal Magoo Giles says, “KS” stands not only for “Keep Striving” but also “Keep Smiling”.

The senior school uses this whole child approach to build resilience, confidence and determination in pupils up to 16. Seniors are challenged academically: the curriculum uses artificial intelligence to create a unique learning journey for each pupil, while playing to their individual strengths. On top of the four core GCSE topics, students have 13 other options to choose from, including business studies and sociology. And thanks to the small class sizes, teachers can give each pupil focused attention tailored to their needs.

Not all of Knightsbridge School’s learning is classroom-based, though. The senior school building on Elvaston Place is moments away from world-class museums and galleries. And each week, the student-driven Knowledge Society welcomes its choice of visiting speakers, from police sergeants to chess champions.

Supporting the whole child also means encouraging their strengths outside of academia. More than 60 extra-curricular clubs allow pupils to explore everything from horse riding to robotics; there’s even an annual talent show.

The school’s exceptional pastoral care reflects the same holistic approach – and the link between how pupils feel and how they learn. Every pupil has a mentor to help them with their studies and social relationships. Student council meetings and house reps also give them a voice and a sense of ownership.

Finally, Knightsbridge School builds the idea of “heathy body, healthy mind” into its weekly timetable for seniors. Mondays start with team building and Fridays with a 30-minute yoga session (in Hyde Park, when it’s warm enough). That’s on top of a morning fitness module and two extended sports sessions a week.

This caring and stimulating environment allows pupils to try out lots of activities to find the one they love. By pushing themselves in and outside of the classroom, they also learn what their true strengths are, and how to fail well – all while feeling loved and supported. It’s no surprise that seniors leave as well-rounded individuals, ready for the challenges and opportunities of the next stage of life.

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