Unlocking Potential: Lancing College

Lancing College Co-Curricular Ballet

A Rich Tapestry of Opportunity

The Transformative Power of Co-Curricular Activities

Words by Sophie Hampton

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The holistic education on offer at Lancing College ensures that students emerge as flourishing, well-rounded individuals, ready to make their mark in the world

In the ever-evolving realm of education, the tapestry of a student’s experience extends far beyond the classroom walls. Lancing College, a beacon of academic and co-curricular excellence stands as a testament to the transformative power of co-curricular activities, offering students an expansive canvas of over 120 activities and societies. Inspired by The Employability Badge the Scouts Youth Employability report, published in May 2023 by Alice Dawson and Dr Kate Harrison, we unravel the myriad ways in which students unlock their potential through these immersive pursuits.

Lancing College Co-Curricular Art and Drama


Dawson and Harrison’s groundbreaking research illuminates the profound connection between co-curricular engagement and enhanced employability. It serves as a compass, guiding students toward a future where adaptability, resilience, and interpersonal finesse are paramount. Lancing College, with its vibrant spectrum of activities, emerges as a dynamic training ground, nurturing not just academic prowess but also equipping students for the intricate dance of real-world challenges.


Seasoned adventurer and Chief Scout Bear Grylls writes the foreword to the report, mirroring this sentiment and highlighting the transformative nature of diverse experiences. Much like navigating the wild demands adaptability, a student navigating through Lancing’s diverse activities learns to improvise and overcome obstacles, a skill set vital for navigating the uncertainties life may throw their way.

Lancing College Co-Curricular Sailing


Venturing beyond mere employability, the role of co-curricular engagement and pastoral wellbeing becomes evident. The participating students forge connections that transcend the confines of the classroom, creating a profound sense of community. Grylls, drawing parallels between the wilderness and education, notes that teamwork is the linchpin of success, whether in the untamed outdoors or the hallowed halls of academia.



Lancing College’s commitment to providing this rich tapestry of activities ensures that students do not just pass through their educational journey, but they flourish within it. ‘Be inspired, Be Brilliant, Be you’ is not just the school’s mantra, it is challenging their students to follow their hearts and carve out their own pathway by getting involved. Dawson and Harrison champion this approach, asserting that exploring a variety of activities is a gateway to uncovering hidden talents, interests, and even potential career paths that might have remained unexplored otherwise.

Lancing College Co-Curricular Equestrian and farm


Lancing College’s co-curricular framework is a symphony of opportunities harmonising academic excellence with the cultivation of essential life skills. The report states that “different skills and opportunities that people gain through extracurricular activities – such as leadership, teamwork, communication and emotional resilience are key to these improved employment outcomes.” It is not merely about shaping careers but about nurturing individuals who are resilient, adaptable, and ready to navigate the exhilarating journey that lies beyond the gates of academia.