New Year, New Intentions

Manifestation, Meditation and Micro-Retreats. Dates for your diary that will set your intentions for the year ahead.

11th and 14th January 2023: Therapie Life Inner Light Series Micro-Retreats

It’s a New Year and an excellent time to recognise your gifts and blessings, release old redundant beliefs and habits and set new intentions that support and foster good karma for the year ahead. This theme is the first in the five Therapie Life Inner Light series Micro-Retreats that will be held in Notting Hill at Michelle Roques O’Neil’s Folly Mews Sanctuary just off the Portobello Road. In an ever-frantic world, making sense of your place in it is essential. These micro-retreats do just that, a holding space to reflect, prioritise, centre and reboot, somewhere to take stock and learn tools to support you. This time can be a vital intervention that helps you reset and listen to your heart’s yearnings again.

Michelle will be introducing a series of micro-retreats starting in January 2023. The first theme of these micro-retreats, aptly titled the Inner Light series, is “Gifts & Blessings”, in order to release last year’s challenges and set new intentions. Each micro-retreat event is 90 minutes and will run on the 11th & 14th January at 12 pm and 5:30 pm on both days. The price is £95.00 and includes products from Therapie Life that are appropriate to the theme and serve as each attendee’s toolbox for implementing self-care rituals learned on the retreat. The micro-retreats take place in Notting Hill at Michelle’s Folly Mews Sanctuary just off the Portobello Road.

Michelle New Year Intentions

21 January 2023: New Year Manifesting Retreat on the first Super New Moon of the year at The Other House

Utilising the energy of the first Super New Moon of the year, during this magical retreat, you will set your intentions, raise your vibration & tap into the abundant energy of the universe.  The Retreat will begin with a transformative Manifesting Masterclass to help you increase your confidence & self-love, overcome limiting beliefs and step into your power. There will be some journaling and a manifesting meditation where in your mind’s eye you will ‘become’ what you desire to be. The second part of the retreat will be playful and interactive with a Crystal Healing Workshop & New Moon Candle Magic Ritual. All set in the beautiful surroundings of The Other House in South Kensington.

Moon Onyx Starr is a Wellbeing and Manifesting Expert based in Marylebone, who has dedicated her life to helping people along their spiritual and self-development journeys. Her greatest manifestation has been finding her purpose in life which is to empower people to tap into their limitless potential and connect with their true selves. She creates safe spaces through her online membership, retreats and workshops, where people can work on their personal and spiritual development while being supported by others who are also on a journey of self-discovery.

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Moon OtherHouse New Year Intentions