FBA Futures

We’ll be honest, the words graduate and exhibition don’t usually send us running to the galleries expecting groundbreaking works. The phrase ‘up and coming’ in any creative sphere, is all too often abused and overused, is it not.

But when we tell you this particular graduate exhibition is different, it’s with good reason, and you don’t have to take our word for it, either. Based at the Mall Galleries, the FBA (or Federation of British Artists – a largely traditional set of eight art societies), have trawled the lengths and breadths of the UK searching for the crème de la crème of BA and MA art graduates, and you can rest assured, they know their stuff. Excitingly, they’re bringing the work of over 20 elect artists – 2013’s most outstanding – together in the Capital next week.

A mix of degree show and newly commissioned work, (with some made especially for the exhibition), FBA Futures will showcase the art world’s coming movers and shakers (who knows, you might even pick up a future family heirloom) with art schools from Falmouth to Edinburgh represented.

The exhibition aims to show how artists directly engage with traditional painting practices in their work, pushing boundaries and playing with the audience’s expectations of the classic and contemporary. We love Daniel Linden’s Through The Cedar Trees (top), Robina Doxi’s Fate (middle), and Eti Meacock’s Pygoscelis Antarcticus (bottom), to name a few. Up and coming? Well actually, yes. And then some.

The exhibition runs for one week only from 20 to 25 January.