Faulty Towers at Charing Cross

You might not know it, but a section of this famous four star Victorian hotel is transformed into the very hazardous dining room of Torquay’s even more famous Fawlty Towers each night* and on weekend afternoons. Including a ‘70s style three-course meal that’s actually not too unsavoury, it’s a cross between a dinner date and live theatre – not your usual West End show.

We have to admit, we were more than slightly sceptical about this very strange night out, being the unapologetic elitists we are when it comes to all things theatre, but if the words ‘audience participation’ bring you out in hives, don’t worry: you’ll be far too busy belly laughing to retort with anything comprehensible as Manuel, and Basil and Sybil Faulty (that’s Faulty with a ‘u’) drag you into the unfolding drama that is a typically shambolic dinner chez Basil.

With only a third of the show scripted, anything can happen and inevitably it does. Think two hours of fully immersive, highly improvised comedy with spot-on performances from all three cast members. We think this might just be a bit of a cult night out but frankly, it’s too good not to spread the word. The show opened last October immediately selling out and winning five star reviews. Now it’s celebrating its first birthday at Charing Cross with a month of special events and surprises. Book now!

*except Mondays and Sundays